Your Cheating Heart


We just took a stroll over to our friends at Puffta, a site for UK faglings, and found this piece by Luke Strong (a pseudonym, no doubt). In it, he highlights some so-called warning signs to look for if you suspect an adulterous love. Among them: he wears his favorite underwear all the time, the sex turns sours, and, our favorite, he listens to break up songs.

Strong writes:

Usually he’s into cheery pop but suddenly it’s all gloomy songs about breaking up… Perhaps now you should confront him, show him the evidence and make a big scene, if things are over perhaps it’s better to quit while you are ahead or go down swinging, rather than clinging on until the bitter end.

In addition to a big teary scene, Strong also advocates a healthy dose of revenge. For example, sleeping with an ex-lover, brother, or friend. Right. Shouldn’t someone be telling these kids just to get over it and move on with their lives? Do we really need a generation of vengeful queens running around? What would GLAAD say? Oh, wait, do we care?