Your Divas Need You! Vote For Your Favorite Rising Gay Diva In The 2014 Queerties!

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 1.22.14 PMA huge wave of hot new talent has hit the music scene like a tsunami. Now we need your help in selecting the best Rising Diva of the gay community in the 2014 Queerties.

Betty Who caused quite a stir as guest judge in the Most Original Stoli Guy competition in New York earlier this year. And she proved she knows a thing about gay culture in this Queerty Query.

Ariana Grande is more than just a chart-topping singer. She’s also a bad ass, as demonstrated by her takedown of a homophobe on Instagram who insulted her gay brother.

Fly Young Red became an overnight internet celebrity when his rap song “Throw That Boy Pussy” went viral. “Clap that ass in a split,” the total top crooned. “I’ll hit your ass with this dick, send that ass home limpin’.” What poetry.

Conchita Wurst made international headlines this year for being the “Bearded Drag Queen of Austria” who bears a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian. But the beard wasn’t just a gimmick. Wurst proved she has some pretty fierce vocal abilities when she took home the top prize at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

New Orleans celebrity Big Freedia keeps it real with songs like “Booty-Whop” and albums like Shake Twerk and Wobble 2. The hip hop queen is largely responsible for popularizing bounce music and getting gay men to twerk uncontrollably on the dance floor.

Singer Demi Lovato kept extra busy this year, performing at both L.A. and NYC Pride, as well as appearing in a PSA for the HRC. Oh, and her gay anthem “Really Don’t Care” reached #1 on the Billboard U.S. Dance chart in May.

So which of these budding pop stars should take home the coveted title of Rising Diva? You decide.

VOTING IN THE QUEERTIES IS EASY: Just head over to the ballot page and click on your favorite nominees. We promise it’s a lot easier than voting in the November elections — and we’ve got sexier candidates, too.

You can come back and vote once every day until the contest closes on November 02, 2014, at midnight Eastern.