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Your Elected Officials Don’t Care If You March on Washington. That’s a Damn Good Reason to Go


A recovering David Mixner makes some important points in his pitch to get you to D.C. on Oct. 11. Like how, if you’re angered by the contumely exhibited by the Obama administration (and the Democratic Senate and Congress) in their unwillingness to lead the charge on passing gay rights legislation, you should be at the National Equality March to have your voice heard.

This, despite NEM’s own organizers saying they will not specifically demand movement on things like DADT, DOMA, or ENDA.

But perhaps the best reason to go to D.C. next month? Your own legislators don’t care if you’re there. These are the same people who have demonstrated, through inaction, delays, and “we’re too busys,” that they don’t care if you have marriage rights. If you can make life and death decisions for an ill partner. If you should be protected against hate crimes. If you should be forced to pay taxes without equality.

Show ’em why they should.