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Your First Look At Tiverton High School’s Disgusting, ‘Sex Up’ Gay-Straight Alliance

The “sexed up” gay-straight alliance at Rhode Island’s Tiverton High School held its first meeting last night since State Rep. Dan Gordon freaked out so much that he called for the school to be defunded over the audacity of LGBT teenagers having a place to commune. Alas, none of these students disrobed in the school’s library, which I’m sure Gordon will be unhappy to hear about. After describing queer students at the school as horny teens who, like him, could only be “thinking about who are all the new faces that would be there tonight,” Gordon, who never had sex in high school, backtracked and insisted he would try to learn more about this GSA thingy and would be “happy to attend if invited … Maybe I can sit in and learn a little more about the group.” So he was invited, but did not make it last night. He had two bills two deal with.

Not that Gordon’s attacks on these kids is easing up.

Freshman Mel Vin, a GSA member, said his brother, Jacob Harvey, saved a hostile Facebook interaction he had on Gordon’s election page a day after the comments were posted on Patch. Vin said his brother posted on Gordon’s Facebook wall that he was “an ignorant [expletive].” In response, Vin claims Gordon posted an offensive response. “He’s saying it was Photoshopped,” said Vin about Gordon. “Anything he says is just digging a deeper hole. There’s only so many excuses he can use. He can just apologize, but it’s not going to right the wrong.”

State Rep. John Edwards, a Democrat, did find the time to join the kids at their meeting — and acknowledged neither he nor his colleague Gordon had “anywhere near that power” to defund the school.