Your Prop 8. Protest Dance Card

As a service to our readers, Queerty is going to attempt to create a comprehensive listing of all the upcoming protests against Prop. 8 and other gay marriage bans across the country.

Since collectively, the you folks are  smarter and more resourceful than me, I’m asking you to lend me a hand by listing this week’s protests in the comments. To make this easier, please include a link, so we can confirm it.

If this sounds like we’re advocating our readership to get out there and peacefully protest in acts of visible disobedience, that’s because we are–angrily demanding equal rights is the new after-work cocktail, people.

UPDATE: Text “makethecase” to 68398 to get updates on protests.

Tuesday Nov. 11
10 am – San Francisco – City Hall
5pm – Santa Monica – Santa Monica Pier
6pm – Los Angeles – Venice Beach Community Circle
9pm – New York – Zanzibar (Hosting a fundraiser called “Straights Against H8“)

Wednesday Nov. 12
6pm – New York City – Mormon Temple (125 Columbus Ave at 65th Street)
7pm – West Hollywood – San Vicente Blvd./ Santa Monica Blvd.

Thursday Nov. 13
11am – Riverside, CA – UC Riverside – Bell Tower
4:30pm – Irvine, CA – UC Irvine – Campus & Culver Drive

Friday Nov. 14
11:30am – San Diego, CA – UC San Diego – 9450 Gillman Drive
5pm – Hermosa Beach, CA – Hermosa Beach Pier
7pm – Los Angeles – UCLA Bruin Plaza

Saturday Nov.15
All Day National Day of Protest

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  • audiored

    I wish this kind of energy exited before the vote..

    The complacency killed us. I guess we didn’t take these freak cults and religious zealots serious enough.

    If there is any good at all to come of this it will be the the renewed energy and urgency of defeating the right wing and securing our human rights.

  • Justin Hesketh

    Thanks for doing this. Equality CA in their “events” tab has a pretty good listing too.


  • Nate lists all the cities where they want to have protests on Saturday. is where the organizers and volunteers can coordinate.

  • Tony


    Choose one site and keep posting the link to remind people!!!

    My suggestion: help to keep the list.

  • rasa

    Hi folks! Thanks for the support.

    UPDATE: the website to go to is

    that’s .com (not .org)

    just so there’s no confusion

    Again, big thanks for all your efforts

  • Nate


    Sorry about the confusion…

  • Chris

    Hell hath no fury like a homo scorned.

  • Tim

    Guys, let me ask a serious question: Do elections mean anything to us? I mean, the opposition won fair and square, and a lot of us are acting like spoiled children. We all know we’ll get our chance. The tide is turning our way. We’ll get there. Let’s just do it the right way, with class and dignity.

  • Bitch Republic

    Tim, are you saying that African-Americans in the South were not acting with class and dignity when they protested, boycotted, went on freedom marches? We’re just doing the same things.
    Second, the minority is supposed to be protected from the majority in this country. You cannot allow minority rights to be voted on by the majority.
    We need to speak up and be counted that we will not let our rights be trampled on.

  • ajax

    Tim, I’ll do it the same, dirty way that the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Ghandi did – with public displays of civil disobedience.

  • mark

    We protest with dignity and class, and with a FURY

  • Josh

    If you can believe it, I have gay friends that roll their eyes when I tell them I’m attending one of the protest/rallies (have been to 4 so far, before and after the election ). I remind them that when they do obtain the full legal right to marry, and they will someday, they’ll know who to thank, those of us who spent our Saturday nights marching for what we believe in.

    I’m not saying everyone has to be a political machine but instead of saying “why weren’t you doing this before the election?” a simple “thank you” will suffice.

  • james

    Canada is in too!

    On Saturday, November 15, Queer McGill invites all Montrealers (queer or not) who care about civil liberties and equality under the law to join the peaceful demonstration against these reactionary outcomes. The gathering will begin in front of McGill’s Roddick gates and will conclude in front of the American consulate at Rene-Levesque and St. Alexandre. Though Canada granted same-sex unions equality under the law in 2005, Canadian queers recognize that the struggle for recognition and respect continues, and that “change” cannot truly advance if entire groups of society continue to be oppressed.

    When: Saturday, November 15th at 1:00pm
    Where: Start—McGill’s Roddick Gates (rue Sherbrooke and ave. McGill College)
    End— The United States Consulate (1155 rue St-Alexandre)

  • Trenton

    Seattle, too!

    Saturday, November 15 2008, 10:30am
    @ Volunteer Park

  • Jay Blotcher

    Media Contacts:
    Jay Blotcher
    (845) 612-9837
    Corey Johnson
    (646) 246-4848




    NEW YORK CITY (Nov. 11, 2008) — Several thousand human rights
    advocates will march on the Mormon Temple in a peaceful protest on
    Wednesday, November 12 at 6:30pm. Demonstrators will speak out
    against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the
    active role it played in passing California’s Proposition 8, a
    constitutional amendment that overturns a state Supreme Court
    decision in May which legalized same-sex unions.

    The Manhattan New York Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
    Day Saints is located at 125 Columbus Ave at 65th Street. The protest
    will run from 6:30pm to 8pm.

    “Hatred has no place in society and it has no place in state
    constitutions,” said Corey Johnson, co-organizer of the protest.
    “Proposition 8 robs the LGBT community of its dignity and equality as
    American citizens. While human rights activists in California work to
    overturn this shameful amendment, we here in New York protest in
    solidarity with them, and we will work to ensure that a similar law
    never happens here.”

    LGBT activists and their allies will march in protest in front of the
    Mormon Temple, carrying signs and banners, including a 75 -foot
    banner declaring “God Loves Gay Marriage”. This was handsewn for the
    demonstration by veteran activist Gilbert Baker, the creator of the
    Rainbow Flag, which is the universal symbol of LGBT liberation.

    The Manhattan demonstration follows on the heels of protests in
    California that begin last week after the passage of Prop. 8. Tens of
    thousands of people have marched in anger through San Francisco, Los
    Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, Salt
    Lake City, Dallas and Chicago, among other cities. A national day of
    protest is planned for Saturday, November 15, organized by Join the
    Impact. For details on events across America, visit

    It is estimated that members of the LDS Church contributed more than
    $20 million to ensure passage of Proposition 8, while Church leaders
    orchestrated a vicious propaganda campaign from the pulpit. The
    proposition passed narrowly with 52% of the vote, versus 48% against.

    More than 18,000 gay and lesbian couples have tied the knot in
    California since June 17. New York State Gov. David Paterson issued a
    directive in May requiring state agencies to recognize same-sex
    marriages performed elsewhere. Paterson has said that if the Assembly
    and Senate pass legislation for gay marriage, he will sign it.

    ATTENTION MEDIA: For advance interviews with Corey Johnson, please
    call Jay Blotcher at(845) 612-9837. Johnson, Gilbert Baker, local
    politicians and same-sex married couples will be available at the

  • SImpto

    You have the UCSan Diego protest listed as Thursday the 13th when it is FRIDAY the 14th!!!

  • froggyola

    Oh Tim, we don’t mean to tear you away from Dancing with the Stars BUT WE HAVE A REVOLUTION TO CREATE HERE. Could you please donate your dignity to us please???? Now would be a ggod time.

  • froggyola

    Josh if I had “friends” that rolled their eyes at me when I tell them I was attending a rally of this magnitude and importance, they would no longer be my friends. They sound selfish and pathetic.

  • froggyola

    Get the dates right QUEERTY! JESUS this so important!

  • Tim

    With a name like FROGGYOLA you need all the dignity you can get. Yes, you may borrow mine, girlfriend.

    Look all I’m saying is that we have to live in a society and it’s not going to win us any popularity contests acting bitchy when we lost the vote, not once but twice. I’m sure some of these homophobic assholes are just waiting for us to give them an excuse.

    What did we really lose, anyway? Four judges handed down the “right” to marry. Wouldn’t you rather win it with the support of the majority? I really believe that may happen in a few years. Doing what we’re doing now could backfire on us big time. I don’t want my community being seen as imposing our way of life on the rest of society.

  • farmer ted


    You are wise beyond your years. These bitch-fest protests by mobs of shrieking, petulant children will backfire, and in fact is doing so already. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that were on the fence about 8 but went with NO, but are now pissed because all this looks like is a bunch of brats who are mad because they didn’t get their way.

    Americans really do cherish the power of their vote, and these mobs greatly underestimate the backlash of public sentiment when you make people feel they are being disenfranchised. And yes, that goes the same for some of those who voted NO, but place greater importance on the democratic process and rule of law.

  • froggyola

    Tim, you are a coward and an asshole. Let us fight your battles for you while you sit comfy at your computer and insult me and other BRAVE gay people who are willing to fight back. Shove your imaginary dignity. You’re apathy is disgusting.

  • froggyola

    Farmer Ted:Why don’t you and Timmy get together and watch tv tonight while the gays that have some pride and dignity go to the streets to draw attention to this mockery of equality. Brats? Bitch-fest? Wanting equal rights for all is a bitch-fest?
    A synical attitude such as yours and Tim, is just a big fat excuse for not helping. If your not going to help us, then shut the fuck up.

  • froggyola

    Oh I’m sorry Farmer ted, I just found some other posts of yours. You’re not gay. You are just one of those mentally ill people that go to gay blogs to vent your childish frustration and hate. My apologies for assuming you were gay. See TIM, these are the people that AGREE WITH YOU. Good luck with all that self-loathing. How dignified.

  • Tim

    Froggy, the day you learn to spell “cynical” is the day you can get in my face about anything. And that’s not today sweetie.

    I want my rights too, but not like this. You guys are making trouble for everyone. You might want to look up “backlash” in the dictionary. There are other ways to go about this than pissing into the wind.

    As for my “apathy” – I can only say that some of us have jobs and can’t afford to dance around in the streets all day. It took a lot of money to finance this losing campaign and a lot of individuals contributed to it. Jobs = $. $ = No on 8.

    Farmer Ted: thanks for your kind words. I get the feeling you “play for the other team”, but it’s nice to find common ground.

  • Tim


    Please, read the last five or so posts. The only one exhibiting “childish frustration and hate” is you.

    Seriously, this makes you (and the rest of us) look really bad. Like we’re not going to even attempt to get along with the rest of society unless they give us everything we want – and NOW.

    And believe me, I’m not being a dick about this – I’m really trying to help you understand something here – THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR. The sooner you understand this the better off you’ll be. From an older gay man to what I percieve is a young gay man, I’m offering you wisdom.

  • froggyola

    Tim, You may be “older” and by that it seems you mean you are “too old to care”, but I don’t believe that apathy is a ever a good idea. Furthermore, if correcting my spelling mistakes is all you have, then perhaps the gay community is best served if you stay home and eat your Funyons tonight instead of helping. I don’t and won’t embrace your “gee golly, let’s wait to see what they do” attitude. It is pathetic as your self-righteous “dignity” is. You make me sick.

  • Tim


    You lack understanding – you are a fool. Sad. I’m sad for you.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    The New York Protest march unfurled a hand-sewn banner by organizer Gilbert Baker while 1000s carried signs which read “Separation of Church and State” and “Tax the Mormon Church” and chants like “Straight. Gay. Black. White. Gay Marriage is a Civil Right.” The protest started at the Mormon Church (of Latter Day Saints) at 125 Columbus Ave and with the aid of Norman Siegel; civil rights lawyer, we were able to march down Broadway to Columbus Circle.

    It seems that with the growing media interest that this is snowballing into ‘Stonewall on Steroids’ with the inevitable March on Washington to Come perhaps in the Spring and predicted to bring out easily more than a million especially since the “Non-protester” types see the time to protect and fight for our Equal Rights and the same civil rights as others who can marry. Many gays believe that an Obama administration may be Hope for Change on Gay Legal Marriage and protecting Gay families.

    The November 15th National Protest on Saturday is listed at as every city in the US mobilizes for the right to Gay Marriage and opposition to Proposition 8 which passed in California, as well as anti-Gay Marriage wins in Arizona and Florida.

  • froggyola

    I was there and so were thousands of OLDER gays that give a shit.

  • Francisco Nieves

    Upcoming Prop 8 Protests


    updated 11/19 3pm

    Please share & repost

    Check the NoOnH8 blog for news and updated information on upcoming No on 8 Protests.
    If you have an event planned in California, please send the info to us as soon as you can!

    WEDNESDAY 11/19

    NEW – Prop 8 Protest Rally – San Jose, Wednesday 5-7pm
    City Hall, 200 E.
    Santa Clara Street, San Jose (map)
    Contact: Jamie, [email protected]

    NEW – Honk Against Hate! – Everywhere, Wednesday 11/19 5:05-5:15pm
    Campaign to overturn Proposition 8 in California.
    On Wednesday, November 19 at 5:08pm
    in your time zone, honk a horn or make noise for EIGHT minutes.

    [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=34993318465

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Chino Hills, Wednesday 11/19 5:30pm-?
    In front of the LDS Church, 3332 Eucalyptus Avenue, Chino Hills (map)
    Contact: Daniel, http://messaging. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=mail. message&friendID=39055066&MyToken=undefined

    NEW – Prop 8 Community Forum – San Francisco, Wednesday 11/19 7-9pm
    SF LGBT Community Center, 2nd Floor, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco (map)
    http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=34474504353


    Prop 8 Peaceful Protest Rally – Temecula, Thursday 11/20 4-6pm
    Ynez & Rancho California Roads, Temecula (map)
    At the Temecula Duck Pond – Bring Candles
    Contact: PFLAG Temecula Valley http://www. pflagtemecula. org/

    NEW – Marriage Equality Meeting – San Francisco, Thursday 11/20 6:30-8:30pm
    Veterans Memorial Building, 301 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco (map)
    Marriage Equality USA SF Chapter meeting. This is a town hall meeting to discuss how to proceed… find out more at http://www. marriageequality. org/
    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=36455268511

    NEW – Prop 8 Protest Rally – Santa Monica, Thursday 11/20 7-11pm
    3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica (map)
    Contact: [email protected]
    http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=44567179458

    Support The Laramie Project / Anti-Hate Rally – Thursday 11/20 5-8pm
    Riverside Community College, Riverside (map)
    Counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church (infamous for their “God Hates Fags” group, which is now classified as a hate group) will be in Riverside Community College picketing the performance of the play “The Laramie Project” and Matthew Shepard’s mother’s speaking engagement. The performance is at 8pm at the Landis Performing Arts Center, Singletary Hall (Quad 144) at RCC. Come out and show your support, and rally against hate! It could get ugly, as Westboro Baptist Church are not above fighting dirty, but people should not be intimidated and allow this to go on. Be peaceful and strong… show the world that we are not the haters!
    Event page: http://www. landispac. com/events. jsp#theatre

    NEW – Coming Out Nights & Prop 8 Info – Victorville, Thursday 11/20 10pm-12m
    Westside 15 bar, 16868 Stoddard Wells Rd #A, Victorville (map)
    Come join the High Desert LGBT community for two fun and informative nights (Thurs & Fri) in learning how you can help take action in our community in working to overturn PROP 8 and bring full equality to California!
    Contact: Eddie, [email protected]http://www. myspace. com/highdesertlgbt
    http://www. westside15. com

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Burlingame, Friday 11/21 12noon
    Front Steps of Burlingame High School, 1 Mangini Way, Burlingame (map)
    http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=93382880491

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – San Francisco, Friday 11/21 5-9pm
    In Front of the Ferry Building, 4 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco (map)
    Contact: [email protected]

    Grass Roots Town Hall Meeting – Long Beach, Friday 11/21 7pm
    Hot Java, 2101 E.
    Broadway Long Beach (map)
    Discussing Tiered Activism and how to be effective in the fight against Prop 8. Sponsored by the organizers of the Long Beach rallies & protests on 11/7, 11/15, 11/16.
    More info: http://www. stonewall2. com/

    NEW – Coming Out Nights & Prop 8 Info – Victorville, Friday 11/21 9-11pm
    Ricky’s Nightclub “Club Tease,” 13728 Hesperia Rd. No.
    12, Victorville (map)
    Come join the High Desert LGBT community for a fun and informative night in learning how you can help take action in our community in working to overturn PROP 8 and bring full equality to California!
    Contact: Eddie, [email protected]http://www. myspace. com/highdesertlgbt
    http://www. myspace. com/rickysvictorville

    Prop 8 Protest / Boycott – Ventura, Saturday 11/22 12n
    Lassen’s Health Food Store, 4071 East Main Street, Ventura (map)
    Be visible and show your disapproval of Lassen’s $27,500 contribution to “Yes on 8.

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Hollywood, Saturday 11/22 2pm
    Corner of Hollywood Boulevard & N.
    Highland Avenue (map)
    Because we will be in a highly visible and populated area, we ask that all attendees be respectful, not create vulgar signs, and not obstruct automobile or pedestrian traffic during our protest. Families are welcome.

    Don’t want to drive or look for parking?
    METRO FROM UNION STATION: (810 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012), take the Red Line North to Hollywood and Highland.

    FROM NORTH HOLLYWOOD: Take Red Line South from North Hollywood (Lankershim Bl. & Chandler Bl.
    , North Hollywood 91601)
    BUS FROM WEST SIDE: Take the Rapid 704 to Hollywood and Highland.

    BUS FROM WEST HOLLYWOOD: Take the Metro Local Line 2 to Hollywood and Highland.

    BUS/METRO FROM BURBANK: Ride Metro Local Line 183 (SEPULVEDA-VENTURA) heading north to North Hollywood Red Line Station and follow North Hollywood directions.

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Huntington Beach, Saturday 11/22 2pm
    Corner of Main Street & Yorktown Avenue, Huntington Beach (map)
    Bring signs, friends, family and a positive attitude!

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Sacramento, Saturday 11/22 2-6pm
    CA Capital State Building, Sacramento (map)
    http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=47152348708

    CANCELLED! Prop 8 Protest Rally / Love-In – Los Angeles, Saturday 11/22 2-8pm
    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=45784080277

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – La Verne, Saturday 11/22 2pm
    Corner of Wheeler Avenue & Foothill Boulevard, La Verne (map)
    Contact: Jamie, [email protected]

    Prop 8 Protest Rally & March – Santa Ana, Saturday 11/22 3:30pm
    Corner of Bristol Street & Sunflower Avenue, Santa Ana (map)
    Rally in front of Metro point til 4:10, March Begins by 4:15pm.
    Marching to the Doubletree Hotel Santa Ana OC Airport
    201 East MacArthur Blvd Santa Ana (where the LDS held their meeting on Prop 8).
    Bring signs, banners & friends!

    Prop 8 Protest/Boycott Rally – San Diego, Saturday 11/22 5-7pm
    Manchester Grand Hyatt, 1 Market Place, San Diego (map)
    Fight Back Against Prop 8 – Boycott Manchester Grand Hyatt
    Doug Manchester is one of the leading funders ($125,000) of Proposition 8, a California ballot initiative that discriminates against LGBT couples. While Hyatt may officially disavow Manchester’s contributions to Proposition 8 as a personal choice, the fact remains that their multi-million dollar LGBT marketing efforts must be seen as little more than sheer hypocrisy when the revenue this marketing attracts is then funneled into efforts that bite the hand which feeds them. In such a situation, we always have the ability to choose not to feed them any longer.

    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=39839621750
    http://sleepwiththerightpeople. org

    Candlelight March for Equality – Oceanside, Saturday 11/22 5:30pm
    Meet up at Oceanside Community Rooms, 330 North Coast Hwy, Oceanside (map)
    Marching from Oceanside City Hall to Oceanside Pier
    Contact: [email protected]

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Pasadena, Saturday 11/22 5:30-10pm
    Old Town Pasadena, E. Colorado Blvd & N.
    Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena (map)
    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=47106896109

    Prop 8 Candlelight Vigil – Orange, Saturday 11/22 6-9pm
    Intersection of N.
    Glassell Street & Chapman Avenue, Orange (map)
    We are going to gather in the orange circle with candles and signs in a peaceful show of support.

    Please bring everyone you know: family, friends, church groups, student clubs, bands.
    Please, let’s keep this positive!!
    Contact: [email protected]

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Los Angeles, Sunday 11/23 11am-2pm
    Leimert Park, Crenshaw Boulevard & W.
    Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles (map)
    Leimert Park in front of the fountain, marching down Crenshaw and back to the park. We are inviting everyone to come out and take part in this protest and to represent our black LGBT community. Please bring your own signs and gay flags etc., also provide your own water if necessary. If anyone wishes to purchase a T-shirt @ $20.00 each for this event have them to contact Kathy Fuller [email protected] no later than Wednesday 6pm to give them their size. This is a PEACEFUL MARCH, so if you have temper or anger issues please DO NOT COME.

    Sponsor: [email protected] and Black LGBT community – Contact: [email protected]
    http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=35163558398

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Los Angeles, Sunday 11/23 12n-3pm
    At the Mormon Temple, 10777 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles (map)

    Vigil for Moses “Teish” Cannon – West Hollywood, Sunday 11/23 5-8pm
    Corner of Santa Monica & San Vicente Boulevards, West Hollywood (map)
    This past weekend 22 year old Moses “Teish” Cannon was shot to death in Syracuse, NY, for being gay.

    We will be holding a candlelight vigil in memory of Teish. Bring candles and lighters.

    We will honor his memory and make a vow to stop violence against the LGBT community.

    Full News Story Here: http://www. syracuse. com/news/index. ssf/2008/11/syracuse_man_was_killed_for_be. html
    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=36843046164


    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Sacramento, Monday 11/24 11am
    Sacramento City Hall, 915 I St # 5, Sacramento (map)

    Prop 8 Aftermath Meeting – Orange, Monday 11/24 12n-1pm
    Chapman University School of Law, 1 University Drive, Orange (map)
    Prop 8 Passed… Now What? Please join M. Katherine B. Darmer, Professor of Law, fellow Chapman Students, and the Orange County Equality Coalition for a discussion on what it means and what we can do about it. This event is open to the entire community. Lunch will be served.

    Sponsor: OUTLAW of Chapman University School of Law
    [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=36323237806

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – San Mateo, Monday 11/24 5-6pm
    El Camino Real & 5th Avenue, San Mateo (map)
    Our work as people of faith in support of equality for all iis more important now than ever. We will keep a peaceful vigil EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at the corner of 5th and El Camino from 5 – 6 pm. Bring signs, family, candles or flashlights. Our ability to stand up and be visible is one of the most important things we can be doing.
    Join us!
    Contact: [email protected]http://www. facebook. com/event. php?eid=34669011165

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Mission Viejo, Friday 11/28 10am-1pm
    At the Mission Viejo Mall, 27000 Crown Valley Parkway, Mission Viejo (map)
    Contact: [email protected]

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Fresno, Saturday 11/29 10am
    Corner of N. Cedar & E.
    Shaw Avenues, Fresno (map)
    Bring your signs and your fighting spirit!
    RSVP: http://events. myspace. com/index. cfm?fuseaction=events. detail&eventID=472709. 98368

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – West Hollywood, Saturday 11/29 10am-6pm
    West Hollywood Park, 647 N.
    San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood (map)
    Motorcycle Riders & Passengers For Equality!
    Contact: [email protected]

    Prop 8 Peaceful Protest & Candlelight Vigil – Long Beach, Saturday 11/29 7pm
    Long Beach Performing Arts Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd.
    , Long Beach (map)


    Prop 8 Peaceful Protest Rally – Temecula, Thursday 12/4 4-6pm
    Ynez & Rancho California Roads, Temecula (map)
    At the Temecula Duck Pond – Bring Candles
    Contact: PFLAG Temecula Valley http://www. pflagtemecula. org/

    Prop 8 Peaceful Protest March – Temecula, Sunday 12/7 2pm
    Meet up: B&N, Promenade Mall, Temecula (map)
    Marching to the Temecula Duck Pond, Ynez & Rancho California Roads, Temecula (map)
    We will have quest speakers at the Duck Pond while we continue to protest for Equality.

    Our Goal is to have over 3,000 supporters marching with us!

    DATE CHANGE: “Shame on 8” Protest Rally In Memory of Harvey Milk – Claremont, Friday 12/12 2pm
    Memorial Park, 840 N.
    Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont (map)
    To coincide with the release of the movie “MILK”
    The park is off of Indian Hill Blvd., North of the I10 Fwy. Meet by the out door performance stage; We will then march from Memorial Park to The Claremont Village. Make sure to bring candles (real or electric) and signs. It will be a rally/march/candlelight vigil.

    Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]
    http://www. myspace. com/ClaremontShameOn8Rally

    Prop 8 Protest Rally – Pasadena, Sunday 12/14 8-10am
    Pasadena Rose Bowl, Pasadena (map)
    Contact: [email protected]

    Got a California “Prop 8” protest or event you want to publicize?
    Please send the info to NoOnH8 at gmail dot com, with the subject line “Event Submission”
    and we’ll post it on our page, blog & future bulletins!
    http://www. noonh8. org or http://www. myspace. com/noonh8

    Please keep us updated on any changes or cancellations!

    Special thanks to: http://queersunited. blogspot. com/, http://sites. google. com/site/noonprop8events/Home, and http://prop8protests. com/ for the assistance in the protest listings.

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