Your Prop 8. Protest Dance Card

As a service to our readers, Queerty is going to attempt to create a comprehensive listing of all the upcoming protests against Prop. 8 and other gay marriage bans across the country.

Since collectively, the you folks are  smarter and more resourceful than me, I’m asking you to lend me a hand by listing this week’s protests in the comments. To make this easier, please include a link, so we can confirm it.

If this sounds like we’re advocating our readership to get out there and peacefully protest in acts of visible disobedience, that’s because we are–angrily demanding equal rights is the new after-work cocktail, people.

UPDATE: Text “makethecase” to 68398 to get updates on protests.

Tuesday Nov. 11
10 am – San Francisco – City Hall
5pm – Santa Monica – Santa Monica Pier
6pm – Los Angeles – Venice Beach Community Circle
9pm – New York – Zanzibar (Hosting a fundraiser called “Straights Against H8“)

Wednesday Nov. 12
6pm – New York City – Mormon Temple (125 Columbus Ave at 65th Street)
7pm – West Hollywood – San Vicente Blvd./ Santa Monica Blvd.

Thursday Nov. 13
11am – Riverside, CA – UC Riverside – Bell Tower
4:30pm – Irvine, CA – UC Irvine – Campus & Culver Drive

Friday Nov. 14
11:30am – San Diego, CA – UC San Diego – 9450 Gillman Drive
5pm – Hermosa Beach, CA – Hermosa Beach Pier
7pm – Los Angeles – UCLA Bruin Plaza

Saturday Nov.15
All Day National Day of Protest