Your Gay Travel Stories: Parties for Hot Guys Only, High on the High Seas, and Hot Tub Follies


Anecdotal evidence might suggest, for every enjoyable holiday spent aboard a gay cruise ship, there’s a death in the family. GLAAD board member Spencer Yu passed away last year during an Atlantis cruise, and a 37-year-old passenger aboard Atlantis’s enormous Liberty of the Seas ship was found dead in his cabin last month during a Cayman Islands jaunt. But just because you’re going to gay travel route doesn’t mean you’ll have a not-so-fantastic time. Well, not always. We asked for your stories, and you delivered.

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  • Justin

    Bullshit– seroconversion does not happen in 24 hours. For god’s sake.

  • Fitz

    Justin…. acute seroc0onversion disorder. Look it up.

  • JR

    Either way… take responsibility for your actions!!!! Life doesn’t fucking revolve around your needs like you were some fairy tale princess! So now you are bitter and old and don’t feel welcome??? Maybe that’s what you put out buddy!!!

    I was on that cruise too and had the best time of my life and was the life of the party!!! I made great life-long friends, got my brains fuck out (responsibly) and partied like I was never coming back to reality!!!

    Furthermore, I met the love of my life on that boat and we have been planning our futures together, which include many more cruises just like this one!

    I hate to sound harsh, but come on!!! Get outta your pity party for christ sake! All you are doing is spreading hate and driving people away!!! Is that really the message that you want to be spreading??? I remember seeing guys like you on the boat with you long faces and wondering why you were blowing your $$$ away just to have a bad time when you could be doing that at home…

    And trust me… It is totally not about how old you are… It has more to do with the energy that you are putting out! I can tell from here that you are just so full of poison and anguish and that you can’t stand being in your own skin!!!

    Please for the love of God, snap outta it! I saw plenty of older guys running around half naked having the time of their lives… and to hear you go on about others making you have a bad time is just garbage! You seriously need some anti-Ds or some therapy!!!

    Really Hope you get better Fitz

  • Justin

    Onset is two to four weeks after exposure. Not less than a day.

  • Michael W.

    These stories sucked. There was hardly any sex involved. I didn’t even get a boner.

  • Hal

    My Atlantis/Club Med experience about 15 years ago was pretty much the same as Mark/Fitz’s – minus the horrific HIV/date rape story. Yikes.

    The focus on “lookism” was definitely there, as I’d expect, but a much bigger deal seemed to be that everyone there already knew each other. There were two identifiable big groups: LA and SF. So, that made it much harder to socialize. It definitely made you the “new kid in school,” if you went solo, like I did.

    One huge upside was that Atlantis screwed up the contract with Club Med and it ended up that the SCUBA was included instead of being one of their many, many add-ons (I seem to remember that Atlantis had to pick up the bill, which they weren’t expecting). Score. I went every freaking day I was there. In part because it was obscenely hot and going underwater was the best way to keep cool.

    The downside to that was that between the early departure of the morning SCUBA run and the heat, I was usually asleep by 11:00 or midnight, and missed the disco all but one night. Probably would have gotten to know more people had I gone to that.

    I didn’t have a bad time, but if I were to go again, I’d definitely bring a friend.

  • AlwaysGay

    I’m glad there were a couple happy stories. I want gay people to be happy.

  • JR

    @ Always…

    Yes there were plenty of happy stories! Yes a couple of tragic terrible things happened as well, but overall it was an amazing time that just refused to buckle to the withering and disapproving looks of bitter queens who think they own the world and are bent on making it suck for everyone to fit their specific and dried-up needs!

    True, it’s not for everyone… but once one has tested things out and made that conclusion, don’t be an idiot and keep going!!! There are lots of other adventures in this world that would be better suited to those individuals… like playing horseshoes with their dentures.

    The whole trip was worth it to have a hot German announce “That was the fuck of the century” after a long hot three-way between him, my man and myself!!!!!

    I have to agree with him… It was the fuck of the century…

  • Matt

    I only had great memories from my Atlantis and RSVP cruises and resorts.
    The first one I did was in 2002 in Cancun. I booked it 2 days before the trip and went by myself (just wanted to escape a bad relationship)
    I made there great friends and the love of my life. 8 years later we are still together, happier than ever. And we did 3 other trips. All were a lot of fun.

    Gays on those trips are not better or worse than gays (or straight) anywhere. You got the bears and the twinks, the pnp and the drunks, the sweets and the cunts.

  • joedee1969

    A great place for us to go is “Camp David” in Inverness, Fl. It is a gated community and it is deep in the woods . It is nude and so much fun. Hey, guys my favorite bear is at it again with another article. Check it out:

  • KirilleXXI

    I’d like to thank Blair for his little piece of amazing writing on page 3! I enjoyed every word of it! You’ve made my imagination picture that hot desert place at sea, the hazy feeling of a magical place that looks nothing like home, and that’s why we all need it so much from time to time.

  • drewbrown

    @JR: Take. A. Deep. Breath. Thanks.

  • B

    No. 4 · Justin wrote, “@Fitz: Onset is two to four weeks after exposure. Not less than a day.”

    Justin, it can be the day after having sex – given that this guy Ryan apparently had sex with a notable fraction of the people on this cruise ship in a single afternoon, one might suspect that he had sex fairly often. While onset may have been two to four weeks after exposure, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen the day after the video was made (assuming it wasn’t something else) because he was probably having sex regularly before that day.

  • alex

    funny, people Like matt, In order to forget about a bad relationship, goes on a cruise, and meets the love of his life.
    at least thats 2 relationships. I have not meet the love of my life.I do not know why. perhaps, coming to Minnesota, as a exchange student at age 18, and not being Wasp, had alot to do with it.BUT one thing, I never did, and that was setteling for less, which, stupid, HICK ,uncultured, perpetually cruzing minnesotan gay men think, People like me, should.
    I have been on those cruises, and i had fantastic time.Did not meet love of my live.
    where can i find honest, responsible gay men, who are educated,employeed, and do not have drug/alcohol/ disease problems, who are in shape,athletic, and in their 30s and early 40s.
    too much to ask?

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