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Your Guide to the Weekend’s Gayest TV: Chaz, Gaga, Easy A, & Desperate Housewives

Are you feeling all Chazzed-out yet? It seems like Mr. Bono has been popping up pretty much everywhere for the last week. But just in case you missed him, Oprah‘s airing a repeat of his special tonight at 8pm on OWN. And if you feel the need to avoid the Chaz media blitz, don’t fret: tonight at 7, HBO2’s airing a repeat of Lady Gaga’s Madison Square Garden concert, so there’s still plenty of other gay to watch.

And have you heard of this movie Easy A? It’s about a gal who pretends to sleep with her gay best friend so he can stay in the closet, and then she starts to get a naughty reputation and gets a scarlet branding. It’s airing Saturday at 9pm on Showtime, and includes a small army of sex-negative conservative teens. Maybe the the “A” actually stands for them.

And there’s gay up the wazoo on the season finale of Desperate Housewives on Sunday, with a gay neighbor stumbling upon some violence and someone else suspecting a cop is gay. We haven’t been able to make any sense of this soap opera for the last couple years so that might as well have been a description of Meerkat Manor.

To keep up with all the gay TV coming your way, head over to GLAAD’s blog for What to Watch.

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  • divkid

    c’mon la queerty, how unutterably provincial of you: “GAYEST TV “!? really?
    you dishonour your more sophisticated european habitues by not mentioning the steaming pile of sophistication that is: THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST
    — which is gayer than a gay man being turned away at a “who is the gayest gay man in gaytown competition [first prize: tickets to a cher concert]” for, well, being a little bit TOO gay. so, yep thats pretty gay.

    come on ireland or britain!

  • Cam


    Thats right! I think actually one of the competiitors, either from Greece or Isreal was a Transgener who one twice or something like that??

  • Eve

    Yay for your inclusion of Easy A! It’s one of those movies that I wish had been around when I was a teen. It’s also available on Netflix streaming, if you’re not Showtimey.

  • Eric

    I thought Queerty hated GLAAD…

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