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Your Gym Is Disgusting, BTW

Gay men concerned about the health hazards at their gyms are usually focused on the, uh, steamrooms, because at certain fitness facilities we won’t name, certain things (we also won’t name) go on there. But there are dangers lurking in the showers too, and not just of the “creepy guy who always offers to spot me” variety.

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  • damon459

    You Gym Is Disgusting, BTW? Who writes this crap that title doesn’t even make sense and guess what spell check wouldn’t have corrected this lazy article. Nothing but the best lol I mean worst from Queerty writers.

  • Gridlock

    ^ Ever heard of a comma or proper punctuation? Glass houses, dear.

  • scott ny'er

    I gotta agree with Damon. I usually overlook Queerty errors but that headline is terrible. I was like WTF does that mean?

  • adman

    That guy in the Microsoft ad with the surfboards? Total poser. He can’t surf, you can tell by his quiver of boards, he’s a kook. Figures, MS sells “lifestyles” by using the interlopers involved in them. Just sayin’.

  • scott ny'er

    good article. Nice to read it after JUST coming back from the gym.

    i heard sanitizers don’t really work tho.

    i’m 100% skeeved now. MRSA!!! Sheesh.

  • Jeffree

    Other “Max Simon” gaffes include such gems as
    –“two men who says”
    –“neither men appears to…”

    And of course we musn’t forget that “Sarah Nigel” outed herself as a “bear” although she identifies as a woman! She thinks “chute” is the same as “sho.ot.” How clever!

    What a great crop of writers we have here!

    BTW: Did “London Pride” get canceled? No, it did not, despite Qty’s claims to the contrary……. This is “journalism” and “entertainment” rolled into one!

    Ya gotta love their spirit of “who cares” or you end up at a different forum.

    I hope the course of this ship can be righted before it ssiinnkkss!

  • Hyhybt

    Nothing new here…. though I’m surprised they’d be concerned about germs on a *shower floor.* After all, when you wash off, where do you expect them to go?


    I attempt to make my stop in the locker room of my gym as brief as possible………….

    I am ascared of the 80yr old men with their nutsak down to their knees possibly hitting me in the forehead while I am tying my shoes……… :p

  • Jeffree

    Hand sanitizers *do* work well, as long as you really make sure the gel gets into every nook & cranny of your hands, including the skin toward the top of your fingernails. Just dabbing it on and giving it a little rub only gets rid of the germs where the gel goes.

    @PlaysWell, The auto.flag system manages to “mooderate” posts that in no way conflict with of so your guess is as good as mine. It takes an average of 9+ days for the posts to get restored, if they ever do, by which time no one is reading that thread any more.


    @Jeffree: J. I cannot figger which was the trigger word, all I did was comment on how I am ascared of old guys with nutsaks down to their knees hitting me in the face in the lockroom…….. :p

  • Tony

    Can we blame the str8 brodudes – who are so afraid someone will see their peepee in the locker room that they don’t as even stop to change out of street shoes on their way from walking the filthy streets to the gym floors?

  • Chris H

    Okay, this video was so ridiculously fear mongering.

    Millions of germs? Really? Was this an actual scientist?

    Those are pretty standard numbers. There are millions of germs on EVERY surface, including on your skin.

    E. Coli is also found everywhere, and almost all strains are absolutely harmless.

    Staph aureus? Also found everywhere. 1/3 of the population has staph in their nose. An infection is easily treated with antibiotics, specifically methicillin. Only specific strains are methicillin resistant, which are the ones to be worried about (MRSA).

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