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Your Twitter Page, Brought to You By the Future of Television Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is the future of television. Or at least, Oprah‘s brand of television, ’cause that Nancy Grace be makin’ some in-roads! So as CBS works on getting his show off the ground — a difficult project, because local stations don’t want to pay such big syndication fees — Berkus and his publicity team are working on expanding his image. You already know him as the interior designer who stops by Oprah’s show now and then. But did you know he also designs … Twitter background images?

Ugh. Is this what the meshing of television fame and social media have brought us?

“Designer extraordinaire Nate Berkus is debuting a series of designs that can be downloaded and used as Twitter backgrounds,” reads the release just sent over. “Believe it or not, he’s the only designer doing this and we thought you’d like to know details and possibly share with your readers!” Um, WE BELIEVE IT! And the only reason we’re sharing the news with our readers?

Because this is freakin’ nonsense. Exhibit A at right.

But tell us, Nate (who we actually adore, BTW), what was your inspiration for this new creative work? “Within minutes of clicking around, I found myself commenting on people’s backgrounds…photos of their kids, the dogs, things that were unique to them. I wanted to personalize my page. We started tossing out ideas and the thought came to us to use my sheet patterns from spring. They’re graphic, colorful, on trend….it just felt like a great way to make my page truly my own.”

It’s the 1990s, and GeoCities just hired Berkus.

Collect them all here. Or don’t.

(Photo via Apartment Therapy)

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  • Josh

    I think Nate is great, and I am really looking forward to his shows.

    Now, get ready to read the jealous queens’ comments:

  • B Damion


  • WTF!

    WTF! and how much is this clown getting paid for this crap???? God, no wonder America is so fucked up. The empire is sinking and we’re going down with it baby. And a press release for this!

  • DesignerFan

    He has a big head, a small body and a tiny wee-wee. ;)

  • Toby

    and he only came out because of his partner’s death. he was another celeb gay forced out of the closet. sad that his partner died, but wish he had come out under other circumstances.

  • Lukas P.

    Nate was open and out in Chicago long before his Fernando died in the tsunami. The world of homespace design-erators here is an alien planet to me, but Nate’s rep here is reportedly less than stellar because he supposedly lacks requisite credentials and has pilfered designs from other people. I strongly suspect that those accusations come from a place of bitterness and a dislike of O’s gay arm-candies. Nate looks much better on TV than he does in person–that’s as far as I’d go to critique him based on observation. Put a camera within 12 meters and he flashes the megawatt smile, dimples, and dreamy looks, but otherwise he seems a little sad, tired and bored. Maybe it’s grief, but perhaps he hasn’t been so chipper same since the tides and winds took his fave photog away.

    His mom is supersmart and stunning btw. Wonder if she’s a PFLAGger.

  • TheInsider

    I can’t stand Okra and her plans for world domination.

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