You’re About to Find Out Every Time Joe Solmonese ‘Counsels’ the President

Barack Obama promised many things during his campaign, one of the most notable being unparalleled levels of transparency — something you might not have realized was even possible under the previous president. Except, like many of Obama’s campaign guarantees, he has not been making good on this one. But now the White House announces: he’s trying. It took plenty of criticism and four lawsuits, but the administration will now begin releasing the names of guests visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The new rules would take effect in the coming weeks, with the Secret Service’s visitors’ logged released three to four months after the visit. “The disclosure would include who set up the meeting, where it was held and for how long,” reports USA Today, which adds, “Exceptions would be made in cases of national security, extreme confidentiality — such as a visit by a future Supreme Court nominee — and strictly personal visits to the first family, including daughters Malia and Sasha.”

Know what this means? You’ll be able to find out each time certain somebodies from Gay Inc. stop by the White House to make pleasantries with the president and his aides. Which is great news, except we hear it’s also possible to pick up the telephone to convince the administration to hold off on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and these call logs won’t be part of the new project.