You’re Such A Hater!

You can say you treat blacks and whites equally, adore your straight friends as much as your fags and never judge someone by their waist size, but we’ve all got our own subtle preferences. And Oprah can prove it.

The daytime diva hosted brainiac and Blink author, Malcolm Gladwell – who is apparently half black! – to discuss The Implicit Association Test, a handy-dandy discrimination detection system developed professors from Harvard, University of Virginia and University of Washington. The IAT wasn’t always used to measure discriminatory inclinations, however…

From the test’s website:

The IAT was originally developed as a device for exploring the unconscious roots of thinking and feeling. This web site has been constructed for a different purpose — to offer the IAT to interested individuals as a tool to gain greater awareness about their own unconscious preferences and beliefs.

Among the test’s range, one will find race, size and, yes, sexuality. We won’t get into the gory details of the test – you can take it yourself – but we’ll share our results:
Obviously the test’s broken or something. We loathe all people equally. Okay, okay, maybe we hate straights a little more, but we try to be equal opportunity haters. Meanwhile, Faggoty as Faggot also took the test and apparently he prefers straights. Poor thing…

Yesterday’s Oprah also featured a gay man who confronts – and forgives – his neo-Nazi attacker. We’re sorry we missed it.