YouTube Sparks Gay Love?
Once in a great while we come across something so sweet, romantic and downright precious that our typically icy hearts melt temporarily. For example, this video from a New York City homo named Chris. It seems Mr. Chris, who hails from Houston, found a fellow YouTuber named Nick, fancied him and proceeded to court him via video in a series called “Boyfriending Nick”.

Above you see the first of many of Chris’ valiant – and adorable! – attempts. After many weeks of begging, pleading, singing and some more begging, Nick finally agreed to book a ticket to NYC and give love a shot. He’s headed here on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed the boys hit it off. If they don’t, we’ll probably throw ourselves in front of a subway car. Or just keep moving on with our lives, but cry every time we hear the song “Lollypop”.

Watch Nick’s response down below. And, of course, you should watch the entire Boyfriending Nick series. Guaranteed to make you believe in love at first click.

Good luck boys!