Kicked to the curb

YouTuber Jake Paul accused of transphobia after team kicks 2 trans women out of his house

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Jake Paul

Team 10, the social influencer team of Jake Paul, a 22-year-old vlogger with 19 million YouTube subscribers, has been accused of transphobia after allegedly rejecting two trans women from entering their Los Angeles home.

In a recently posted video, Lilah Gibney, a trans female blogger, claims that she and her best friend, Kendall Raindrop, had gone to an afterparty late one night at Paul’s Team 10 house, a $7.3 million home with eight bedrooms and roughly 11 bathrooms where Paul and his cohorts plan new videos.

The two women took an Uber to the crowded afterparty after being invited by another friend. After arriving, Gibney says, “One of the f*cking editors, his name is Blaine [O’Roark]… he came up to us two and our friend who was [cis female]” and suggested that they go elsewhere even though they’d just recently arrived.

Gibney says when their friend asked why they should leave, Blaine reportedly said, “I thought you guys were going to come with real girls.”

At this point in the video, it cuts to video footage of O’Roark ejecting the young women, recorded by Raindrop. The Daily Dot describes the interaction between them:

“I’m not being transphobic,” O’Roark can be heard saying. “How is it transphobic?”

“You literally just said (Gibney’s) not a girl,” Raindrop said.

Later, O’Roark said, “I’m not trying to be disrespectful. I’m just being real… I was told girls were coming.”

As the YouTube video continues, Raindrop said she asked O’Roark if she looked like a boy, and he said no.

“He literally was saying I wasn’t a girl, and I was like, ‘Do I not look like a girl?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, but you’re not one.’”

Back to Gibney’s video, she clarifies that she likes Jake Paul and finds him kind and respectful, but adds, “What we just experienced needs to be talked about because it’s something that trans people face literally every day.”

She called the ejection “embarrassing and degrading and disgusting and frustrating.”

Here is Gibney’s video about the incident:

Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul, the YouTuber infamous for acting like an overprivileged d-bag around Japan before showing a dead man hanging from a tree.

Jake Paul and Team 10 have yet to publicly comment on the incident. However, The Daily Dot reports, “A Team 10 manager named Adam Quinn reached out [to Gibney] and asked her to take down the video. Quinn did not immediately respond to The Daily Dot for comment, but texts shared with The Daily Dot show that Team 10 is threatening legal action against Gibney.”