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YouTube’s Himbo-in-Chief Markiplier just crashed OnlyFans with his golden gamer cheeks

Gaming streamer Markiplier put the internet in a headlock back in October when he announced his plans to start an OnlyFans page — with some pretty rigorous conditions. For a chance to see his Mark-meats, fans would have to get both of his podcasts to new previously unachievable streaming heights on both Apple Music and Spotify.

The announcement video immediately went to the tops of YouTube trending and his podcast listenership spiked.

Now, two months later, the hunk has made good on his promise and unleashed his OnlyFans account upon the internet. Once again, his announcement vid topped the YouTube trending charts.

Traffic hit all at once and caused the whole site to temporarily crash:

People are desperate for it on every platform. Folks are racing to his nudes like they were the last $5 flat screen at an ’00s Black Friday sale. As Derrick Berry said, “People were killed.

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Subscription to the page is free, though the first post costs three bucks to reveal. All proceeds are going directly to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program (“because if you’re going to quench your thirst, we might as well try to feed some people,” he says).

Some fans are disappointed with the pictures posted so far being campy, staged pictures with photoshopped backgrounds. Others are wondering in what world these thirsty girls/gays/theys thought this mega-streamer would be ****ing and ****ing and *****ing it on the camera.

Mostly, people are just rejoicing that Markiplier got his cheeks out for charity:

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Plenty of folks are also begging for leaks (which, come on, it’s $3 for charity):

We promise y’all can spare it; it’s the season of giving!

It’s for a good cause, it’s cheap, and it’s a step up from his old “tasteful nudes” calendar: