You’ve Been Summoned To Attend The Black Party


“The crew of a rogue submarine are pirated as New York City’s most notorious fetish party goes deep.”

No, that’s not a bit from SNL’s Stefon — it’s the real deal, aka The Black Party.

Attending the Black Party in New York is a rite of passage for many gays looking to connect with their, shall we say, animal instincts. On March 19 revelers will let go of their inhibitions when they enter the dystopian gay wonderland.

Watch the slightly NSFW promo video from artist Rob Roth here. Rob also had a hand in transforming the venue in Brooklyn; in the past he’s created stunning multimedia visuals for Blondie, Lady Gaga and David Bowie, so these will not be your neighborhood dive’s party decorations.

For more info, go here. Check out a few SFW stills from the promo video below.