You’ve Got 4 Weeks to Claim eHarmony Didn’t Let You Hunt for Same-Sex Matches (And Win Free Money!)

Well, it’s not “free” money. The “up to $4,000 per individual class member” is payment for actual damages California members of eHarmony suffered as a result of the dating site’s refusal to make gay matches. As we’ve been reporting on, the class action suit Cardin v. eHarmony is settled; now it’s time to find the victims.

So long as “you attempted to use the website to be matched with an individual of the same sex but were denied the opportunity to do so at any time between May 31, 2004 and January 25, 2010, and were a resident of California at the time of your attempt, you may be a member of the Settlement Class entitled to make a claim from the Claim Fund.” That means up to four-large is yours, but probably less. It also means that in order to claim the cash, you have to acknowledge you thought eHarmony would be the place for gays to find love. Which is still isn’t. (That’s what sister site is for, silly.)

Find details about filing a claim here. But remember this: You must be gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Yes, it says that in the settlement agreement.

Oh, it never felt so good to be queer, did it?

(Thanks, Nat!)