UPDATED: You’ve Written So Many Emails to Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Legislators that the IT Department May Just Delete Them All

Don’t let the adorable accents fool you: things are getting mean in Minnesota.

Last week, legislators gave a thumbs-up to an anti-gay Constitutional amendment, just one day after a crazed pastor took the floor of the House to deliver a prayer that was almost as rambling and offensive as the time he said that executing gays is “moral.”

Outraged by the homophobic maneuver, Minnesotans have spent the last few days letting their elected officials know exactly how pissed they are. They’ve launched an email-writing campaign that delivered 100,000 pro-gay emails to lawmakers. Nice work, folks! Too bad it might all have been a waste of time.

According to Senator Scott Dibble, the state’s email system was so overwhelmed by ones and zeros that now they’re diverting everything into spam folders or just deleting them altogether.

Democracy in action!

Fortunately, not every anti-gay Republican is ignoring the messages. Representative Tony Cornish (pictured at right, with a lapel pin suggesting an enthusiasm for bondage) responded to one constituent, “Give it a rest!!!!!!!!!” and “try writing a sane letter.” He seems nice.

If you’d like to try writing a sane letter of your own, here’s Cornish’s contact info.

UPDATE: The Human Rights Campaign, which organized the email blast, just announced a matching gift challenge. So, if you like the HRC, now’s a good time to send ’em some cash. And if you don’t, now’s a good time to remind people why.