Yup, The Gays Will Be Protesting Obama at HRC This Weekend


Since Barack Obama decided to hang around Washington D.C. this weekend (at least on Saturday night) to address the Human Rights Campaign at its annual fancy gala, activists who actually think their elected officials should stand up for equal rights are going to spend the evening outside the event for a lovely workout of their free speech rights.

The Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network, which mostly recently took part in getting Buju Banton’s concerts nixed, is planning a “pro-LGBT picket” during the HRC event. (It’s co-sponsored, or whatever, by Dallas-based Queer Liberaction.)

And while GLN members will also be marching the next day in the National Equality March, the organization isn’t sparing criticism for march organizers, saying in a statement: “While the picket organizers will be participating in the Sunday, Oct. 11th Equality March, they charge that the march organizers have been going easy on the Obama administration and the Democratic Party in general. Barack Obama was long on pro-gay promises during the campaign, they say, yet short on delivering on them once he took power in late January.”

All we ask? That demonstrators come up with some original signs this time around. So many opportunities to play on “HRC.” Like “Barack Obama: Human Rights Con-artist.” Run with it.

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  • Elvis

    Well, after 8 long years of anti-gay Bush/Cheney, we finally have a friend in the White House who is already supporting our agenda, and some think that shooting ourselves in both feet is the way to move forward.

    Of course we keep pushing ahead with all the elected officials, but is it really reasonable to expect that with a snap of the fingers all the gay agenda is enacted instantly, along with the total overhaul of health care, 2 wars, and the economy that was going down the toilet for a Great Depression II, the sequel? Get real.

    The State Department has already implemented significant changes for gay partners of employees, treating them as spouses under the rules, and Obama has promised that DADT and ENDA and DOMA will be out. This guy has been in office 8 1/2 months. Give him a break.

    If we had one person at the March this weekend for every gay who paid big to see the anti-gay “Bruno” this past summer, the Mall would not be big enough for all these whiners.

  • Josh

    The Senate (eventually) must vote to get rid of DADT and DOMA.

    75% of the Senators are still very clearly against gays.

    That’s not changing anytime soon. It’s not Obama’s fault, either.

  • Cam

    No. 2 · Josh said
    The Senate (eventually) must vote to get rid of DADT and DOMA.

    75% of the Senators are still very clearly against gays.

    That’s not changing anytime soon. It’s not Obama’s fault, either.

    Really? As head of the Democratic party it isn’t his fault? And let me ask you, 75%? Where did you arrive at that number? Additionally, how will any of the Senators ever change their view if the Administration refuses to ever bring up gay rights? He was in the Senate, those were his collegues, if they were really that Anti-Gay and there was no changing them, then I guess he was lying to us when he made all those campaign promises.

    The protest will be good, it will show Obama, that just because he goes and kisses ass to HRC that is no longer going to keep gays silent about rights.

    And No. 1 · Elvis said…
    Well, after 8 long years of anti-gay Bush/Cheney, we finally have a friend in the White House who is already supporting our agenda,
    Really? how is he supporting our agenda? Hell Darth Cheney just came out in support of gay marriage but Obama has said he doesn’t believe in it….not really sure how our agenda is being supported. Remember, the White House also forced Rep. Hastings to pull a gay rights bill OUT of the House. Again, that is blocking our agenda, not supporting it.

  • Josh

    The 75 Senators object to anything gay based on their religion. You can’t change their minds. Obama can’t change their minds. It is similar in the House.

    We can blame Obama all we want, but I think we should look at HRC’s failed lobbying efforts. Nobody has changed their minds since DOMA was first approved in 1996.

    Protesting get attention – it doesn’t change minds. Especially those full of anti-gay religious beliefs. God needs to do that.

  • Cam

    No. 4 · Josh said
    The 75 Senators object to anything gay based on their religion. You can’t change their minds. Obama can’t change their minds. It is similar in the House.

    So since Obama was in the Senate, knows those people, then are you saying he was lying to the community when he talked about ending DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? He worked with them for years and yet supposedly doesn’t know how they feel about an issue? Either that is the case or he lied in the campaign.

  • InExile

    Sorry guys, Obama has shown no leadership on civil rights for gays so yes, it is very much his fault nothing is happening. As far as I know all of his promises posted on his website were not a secret before or after the election. His lack of follow through on his promises is all on him. Enough talk.

  • Jane

    Of course in comparison to the Bush/Cheney era, Obama looks like a saint. But I miss the Bush/Cheney era. It forced us to collectively work together to fight oppression.

    We should embrace our shame and move forward together to fight oppression. Obama is just another politician and really is no friend to the LGBT community.

    I cheer on those who protest this week and wish I could be there. I continue to hope and plead that they expose the misogynistic, racist, trans-phobic, xenophobic HRC who ‘fight for equality’.


  • Josh

    No. 5 Cam said: “So since Obama was in the Senate, knows those people, then are you saying he was lying to the community when he talked about ending DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? He worked with them for years and yet supposedly doesn’t know how they feel about an issue? Either that is the case or he lied in the campaign.”

    Obama doesn’t have a magic wand to get Senators to change their religious beliefs. That’s God’s territory. Obama is sympathetic to our struggle, but religion has a good grasp on 75 Senators. Nothing trumps God.

    You need new Senators that do not have that “religious belief” handicap.

    We can’t tell if Obama was “lying,” he promised to do his best. Like Clinton, he will blame us and the Congress.

  • edgyguy1426

    This cracks me up: “This guy has been in office 8 1/2 months. Give him a break.” 2 months ago it was “This guy has only been in office 6 months-he has too much on his plate..yada yada yada..” In Jan, it will be “Give the guy a break, he’s only been in office 1 year” and on…and on… When do we draw the line? When his approval rating sinks below 50%? and then what good is he to us??

  • Bill Perdue

    I have a question for Josh and all the other mindless Obots out there.

    You claim that the rejection of our agenda and the retention of DADT and DOMA are the fault of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. I agree, but you speak as if the Bigot in Chief were somehow blameless. The reality is that Obama is one of the worst bigots in the Democrat Party.

    You mindlessly dismiss the fact that he’s in bed with homohating scum like Donnie McClurkin, Rick Warren, the DNC’s Leah Daughtry and Kirbyjon Caldwell. You never mention that when Obama bellowed out “gawd’s in the mix” he torpedoed our chances to preserve the right to same sex marriage in California.

    Obots, rather than telling the truth, spinelessly dismiss the fact that he’s reneged on every promise he made. He’s for TARP, welfare for the rich and against welfare for working people. He’s a union busting scab for the looter class. He personally ordered big a big escalation of the murderous actions by US and satellites forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    He’s pigheadedly opposed to single payer socialized medicine.

    He did have the time to fly to Copenhagen to push for the Olympics at Chicago but he’s never had any time for us, except to lie and take that damn O-bus for a spin once in a while.

    Obots who comment on LGBT sites are fronts for the bigotry of Obama, the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. You should tell us your real names and who pays you.

  • Josh

    @Bill Perdue:

    Ahhhh. My real name is Josh – has been my whole life. I’m not a fan of Obama or any politician. I never have been. I don’t think they are the key to our equality either.

    The point I made was that our Congress has a “religious” handicap. They believe we are morally wrong and they believe that is God’s will. That has to change – not the politicians.

    I wish some of our Christians had the same balls as one Muslim member of the Maryland Legislature – Saqib Ali.

    NPR (08/09): In some ways Saqib Ali has had a normal life for a local politician. After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, he ran for political office in 2006. His victory won him a seat in the Maryland Legislature. Now the Democratic delegate has come out in support of gay marriage, a position he announced publicly in an op-ed piece he wrote for a local Maryland publication, The Gazette.

    So why are so many, including his family, surprised about his gay-marriage stance?

    Because Ali is Muslim (the first Muslim delegate in Maryland), and Islam strictly prohibits homosexuality. In fact, in many Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia — where Ali went to high school — homosexuality is punishable by law. But Ali says his support of gay marriage is not a reflection of his faith or belief in Islam but a decision he made as a politician representing his constituents with and without faith backgrounds.

    “If I tried to enforce religion by law — as in a theocracy — I would be doing a disservice to my both constituents and to my religion,” Ali writes in his op-ed.

    Though he knows his stance is controversial, he hopes critics will come to share his point of view to promote marriage equality.

    “[Gay marriage] doesn’t affect my marriage; it doesn’t affect anybody else’s marriage,” Ali said. “It doesn’t harm us in any way.”

  • Drake

    When did all these Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity listeners start checking out Queerty?

    I believe in Obama, and that he will keep his promises. There is nothing wrong in reminding him of his promises. However, the level of discourse here is rather shallow. Go ahead and be nihilists, and bitch about everything.

    I hope that all the moaners above, will be joining us at the March, and carrying their signs with their complaints. Not going? Then donate to an organization. Simply bitching on line is not taking action. Each person has to accept the responsibility of taking action. Not enough money in the gay community or action is coming from the younger gays. Those of us 40 and above started demonstrating and giving money while still in school, and just kept right on with it. I think alot of the complainers are riding free on the work and money of lots of others. Form your own organization with its own agenda if you don’t like what everyone else is doing.
    When organizations were not meeting the challenges that he saw, Larry Kramer did a great job with the Gay Mens Health Crisis and ACT UP!

    I’ve been to three previous National Gay Marches on Washington, ’79 , ’93, and 2000. ’79 was the toughest, with Harvey Milk’s assassination still fresh and raw in all our minds. Everyone needs to keep some perspective here, and also remember that the political process is just that, a process, and does not happen over night.

    I guarantee you that all the federal judges that Obama is appointing are a million times more sympathetic to the marginalized of society that the Bush appointees. Obama was great in inviting Gays to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. Yes, it was symbolic, But wasn’t it a much better symbol, a much healthier message to all America for us than Bush’s Rose Garden tirade against same-sex marriage, and the call for the Constitutional amendment? The Bush years did lots of damage all around for us, and the atmosphere needs cleared a bit to really get things rolling. The appearance at the HRC banquet is big time, and will lead to our agenda becoming law.

    Can’t come to the March this weekend? Then sign up to help out in Maine or Washington State on those referendums. There’s lots of work to do, and each of us can make a difference.

    I have to chuckle at the comment above that if every gay who saw Bruno ( a very bigoted film in my opinion) this past summer came to Washington DC for the March , then the Mall would be overflowing. By the way, to all of Sacha Baron Cohen defenders, why no money from him for the March? He made tones of money at the expense of gays.
    Everyone has to be part of the solution, or else you are part of the problem. Get active !!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Bruno V Obama? This is SO Community College Poli Sci Debate club.

  • Josh

    Lisa Leff (AP) “A Democrat in the White House. Demands for sweeping civil rights protections. Religious opponents working to undo a string of state-based victories.

    That was the backdrop in 1979 when gay rights activists staged their first national march in Washington. Thirty years later, with the landscape looking much the same, thousands of advocates are preparing to rally again in the nation’s capital this weekend.

    And they are demanding many of the same things: a bill to outlaw job discrimination based on gender, a law that would treat attacks on gays as federal hate crimes, and a presidential order allowing gays to serve openly in the military.”

    No real progress in 30 years. We should have Marched every month.

  • Steve

    In the US, when someone means “No”, the often say “No”, unless they are a politician. But it’s not like that everywhere. In most of the world, when someone means “No”, they usually say “Not now”, and they sometimes say “Later”.

    “Not now” means “No”. “Later” is not quite as definite. When I hear “Not now” from a politician, I understand that the politician actually means “No”, but he wants my money for his next campaign.

    They only way to get from “Not now” to “Yes” is to make it very uncomfortable for the politician. We have given the Democrats many millions of dollars over a period of 40 years. We have paid for “Yes”, many times over.

    We want action, not words. No more money without action first.

  • QueerToday

    Aside from Obama, we should be continuing to protest HRC because they continue to endorse pro-war, pro-life, anti-immigrant candidates in the name of gay rights.

  • schlukitz

    @InExile, Obama is not the first President to break his campaign promises and I strongly suspect that he will not be the last. :(

  • Bill Perdue

    Josh tells us that “I’m not a fan of Obama or any politician. I never have been. I don’t think they are the key to our equality either.”

    Josh, if you’re not an Obot why do you say that Obama’s inaction is based on Congressional religious bigotry. “It’s not Obama’s fault, either.” You’re giving him a pass. Most Obots and Democrats have been obstinate opponents of the March because come what may it’ll be an anti Obama rally. That’s such a sure thing that a friend of mine from Philly is on his was to DC to sell a thousand bumper stickers that say “LGBT – we’re so over Obama”

    You also excuse the Congress, claiming that “The 75 Senators object to anything gay based on their religion. You can’t change their minds. Obama can’t change their minds. It is similar in the House.” They’re not possessed by abrahamic demons, they don’t gush pea soup. On the contrary they’re a down to earth calculating combination of bigots and panderers. Like everything in the US, they’re a commodity, bought and paid for by the looting class. They used Barney Frank to gut ENDA so they wouldn’t have to pay equal wages. The religion is just to cover their asses while they steal us blind.

    They have to be blamed, as does Obama.

    And the kind of government they represent has to be replaced. It’s not a war of religious beliefs, it a war between classes.

  • reason

    @Bill Perdue:@InExile,
    The reason that there has been little movement on gay rights in this country is not because of Obama or the Democrats, it’s because of the gay community. It is self destructive; instead of mobilizing and building coalitions to get things done, it is hell bent on division, finger pointing, and cynicism. If this blog, like several others, is any indicator there will be no movement for the next several decades: the focus is on untrue garbage such as do Jews really like gays? How Obama is selling us down the river!!! African Americans are Homophobes…Every Christian is Rick Warren and Reverend Dr. John Hauge and if you ever spoke with one of them you are one of them… “Don’t blame me I voted for Hillary!!!” The reason the Republican Party is so successful, especially at keeping us down, is because they can get people to do what is not in there interest while barley lifting a finger like the gay community. Attacking your alias, or people that would be your alias if one just spent a little time reaching out, is only going to make them turn a blind eye to your problems or even worse enrage them to the point that they actively work against you. Is Obama a politician? You better believe it, just as Hillary and the rest of the party is. Bill Clinton has already spelled out the truth when talking about his so called “misdeeds” to the gay community “all most of you did was to attack me instead of getting some support in the congress.” What he is saying is sure I am a politician and I am not going to put my head on the chopping block while you all sit on your hands and call me the devil: If you want rights call your senators and representatives, march in the streets, hire an effective P.R. firm, build powerful collations with different communities, and provide me with some political cover then I will be happy to expend some of my precious political capital to help you. Bill Clinton is trying to tell us what he was thinking during his presidency and what Obama is thinking right now. Obama is one man; just as he alone did not get himself to the presidency (it took millions of people working day and night and spending their hard earned cash) he alone is not going to get us our rights (it is going to take hard earned cash as well as a strong coalition of all of us “working together”).

  • Dexpat Mike

    Right on Steve. Enough said.

  • Alex

    Forget Obama – I expect 500,000 people marching this weekend. He will no longer be able to ignore us. For all of you that have mocked this March – watch what happens and make sure you don’t take any of the credit. The March on Washington will create the equality we’ve been fighting for.

    Thanks to Cleve Jones and David Mixner.

  • edgyguy1426

    Wasn’t it in fact, some of the whining, complaining and moaning the reason Obama made some (albeit slight) movement in the past few months? The squeaky wheels get the oil.

  • Brian

    When “our” protesters show up at the HRC event to protest Obama, I suggest they turn their anger to the Fred Phelps group nearby. This Christian group will once again be denouncing all things homosexual. They are the extreme right of Christianity – screaming what Catholics will only whisper.

    Make a few “Not Wrong” signs will you’re at it.

  • Alex

    Wait, the Queer Liberaction people from Dallas? Embarrassing. We have been trying to run them out of town for a few months. Blake Wilkinson just wants to be on TV. He has no grasp of the politics or the LGBT struggle. He doesn’t even photograph well.

    He will try to overshadow the March. I kinda hope he makes an even bigger fool of himself. Why would the people in Chicago – which appears to be a real organization, partner with him?

  • Josh

    The Christians are coming. The Christians are coming.

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 /Christian Newswire/ — Protests Against Human Rights Coalition and National Equality March: Homosexual Marriage, Sin, and Redemption

    Christians will gather at two key locations to remind homosexual marchers that God loves them, and they can be redeemed, but society cannot “normalize” a self-destructive behavior that can rob a human being of their eternal soul. Christians will bear witness to the truth: God made marriage to be a sacred covenant and sacrament between a man and a woman, and His Laws and order cannot be nullified – not by them, not by the Courts, and not by President Obama.

  • Jason


  • Bill Perdue

    Josh-Andrew-Brian – “The Christians are coming. The Christians are coming.

    Who gives a rat’s ass? Christers and dummies like them have been at the beck and call of scumwad politicians since the origins of the city state 5 or more millennia ago. They’re intertwined and equally culpable. They rose together and they’ll fall together.

    Jason has the answer. See no. 26. All you have a chorus of whines and no action plan.

    And the route to get there is via as many national and local marches as it takes to get all our rights and the rights of unions, African Americans, immigrant and imported workers and trade unions.

  • Brian

    The democratic party controls the entire government. HELLO! The problem now isn’t the right wing, its the west wing. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE IN CHARGE. So we have to get tough as nails on the democrats. The activists need to stop have dinners and toasting democrats. Put down that wine and spit out those roasted potatos. It has been a year since he was elected and since democrats took complete charge of the complete legislative agenda. PARTY’S OVER.

  • QL Dallas

    Right on Brian!!! Watch us this weekend – we’re not having a nice dinner and we’re letting the President have it. NO MORE EXCUSES – KEEP YOUR PROMISES. All the while surviving on Ramen Noodles and Natural Light.

    Black-tie LGBT are actually in our way. Rights only come after long, hard, loud and even obnoxious battles. We’re leading that fight.

    So, when it’s time to give some credit – think of us. Maybe buy us a real dinner or contribute to our efforts. Or just be man enough to actually fight for something.

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