Yup, The Gays Will Be Protesting Obama at HRC This Weekend


Since Barack Obama decided to hang around Washington D.C. this weekend (at least on Saturday night) to address the Human Rights Campaign at its annual fancy gala, activists who actually think their elected officials should stand up for equal rights are going to spend the evening outside the event for a lovely workout of their free speech rights.

The Chicago-based Gay Liberation Network, which mostly recently took part in getting Buju Banton’s concerts nixed, is planning a “pro-LGBT picket” during the HRC event. (It’s co-sponsored, or whatever, by Dallas-based Queer Liberaction.)

And while GLN members will also be marching the next day in the National Equality March, the organization isn’t sparing criticism for march organizers, saying in a statement: “While the picket organizers will be participating in the Sunday, Oct. 11th Equality March, they charge that the march organizers have been going easy on the Obama administration and the Democratic Party in general. Barack Obama was long on pro-gay promises during the campaign, they say, yet short on delivering on them once he took power in late January.”

All we ask? That demonstrators come up with some original signs this time around. So many opportunities to play on “HRC.” Like “Barack Obama: Human Rights Con-artist.” Run with it.