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Yup, the Government Began Spying on the Gays 50+ Years Ago

Great news for conspiracy theorists: Your fears have been confirmed! New documents released by the FBI under FOIA requests reveal “numerous files from the 1950s and 1960s detailing the FBI’s spying on early gay rights groups such as The Mattachine Society, which in one 1958 memo was categorized under ‘internal security.’ Homosexuality, in fact, was for a lengthy period an obsession of the bureau and the focus of multiple domestic intelligence operations, the memos show. Another file was spirited out of the regular bureau filing system because it involved ‘allegations of homosexuality of some very prominent individuals.’ It added: ‘In view of the obscene nature of the allegations and the prominence of some individuals mentioned, therein, it is felt that this file should be retained in the Special File Room.'”

The Special File Room? That’s where documents FBI brass wanted to keep secret from the public and Cognress were stored. There was probably some toe-tapping going on by the rear file cabinets, too. [Boston Globe, Petrelis]