Yuppies Kick Sophia Lamar (and Beige) to New York Curb

It’s official. The East Village has come full circle back to the dark days. Apparently, the yuppies of the Bowery have a problem with the legendary Tuesday night Beige party at B Bar. The tenants of the new luxury sky rise must have started a “meet up” at Starbucks and put in enough calls to the local community board because B Bar gave Erich Conrad’s fabulous, long-running Tuesday night party the pink slip.

Beige attracted twinks, supermodels, drag queens, and Real Housewives of Orange County. Perhaps B Bar will close down it’s backyard and create a nice quiet sculpture garden to appease it’s stuffy neighbors. “Click click” over  to Michael Musto’s “Bye, Bye Beige” posting on the La Daily Musto blog where he states, “Like Liz Taylor, I thought Beige would always be there because it always had been!”

What’s a boy to do on Tuesday nights? Will Sophia Lamar be forced to stay home and watch Glee in real time? Hell no. While the East Village gets her beauty sleep, New York is still alive and kicking. Amanda Lepore hosts Boy Box, the popular go-go & burlesque party at g Lounge, Justin Luke and Jonathan Nish turn Splash into a steamy twink party, and Kut Throat Karaoke at Bar-Tini. Beige will be missed, but the party must go on.

Where are you all planning on going on Tuesday nights now?