Yuppies Kick Sophia Lamar (and Beige) to New York Curb

It’s official. The East Village has come full circle back to the dark days. Apparently, the yuppies of the Bowery have a problem with the legendary Tuesday night Beige party at B Bar. The tenants of the new luxury sky rise must have started a “meet up” at Starbucks and put in enough calls to the local community board because B Bar gave Erich Conrad’s fabulous, long-running Tuesday night party the pink slip.

Beige attracted twinks, supermodels, drag queens, and Real Housewives of Orange County. Perhaps B Bar will close down it’s backyard and create a nice quiet sculpture garden to appease it’s stuffy neighbors. “Click click” over  to Michael Musto’s “Bye, Bye Beige” posting on the La Daily Musto blog where he states, “Like Liz Taylor, I thought Beige would always be there because it always had been!”

What’s a boy to do on Tuesday nights? Will Sophia Lamar be forced to stay home and watch Glee in real time? Hell no. While the East Village gets her beauty sleep, New York is still alive and kicking. Amanda Lepore hosts Boy Box, the popular go-go & burlesque party at g Lounge, Justin Luke and Jonathan Nish turn Splash into a steamy twink party, and Kut Throat Karaoke at Bar-Tini. Beige will be missed, but the party must go on.

Where are you all planning on going on Tuesday nights now?

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  • TommyOC

    1) Large shout-out to the twink clubs, huh?

    2) This is the price of gentrification. Gays in NYC and LA need to find new run-down neighborhoods to inhabit and make popular. You’re no longer welcome in the neighborhoods you transformed from blighted dumps to hipsterville.

    Thus is the cycle of a city’s life.

    3) Is Sophia Lamar a nationally-recognized name? Because I’m like… “who?”

  • Brien M

    TommyOC: Just google SOPHIA LAMAR, she has been the force of Beige for 15 years, and New York’s nitelife Straight and gay. Misshapes, Electroclash, Ruff Club, TO MENTION JUST FEW.

  • Michael Ortiz

    So i hope if Sophia Lamar become homeles (due to Beige closing) the QUEERTY with their gay agenda will help a fellow “QUEER” to survive.

  • daniel

    wait! you guys are back? are those NASTY awful cunty writers gone from before gone????
    please say yes- they were hideous!

  • TommyOC

    @Brien M: That’s the thing: I shouldn’t have to look this person up if they were truly of note. Not to diminish Miss Lamar’s career, but her being “the force” of a long list of clubs means absolutely nothing to the majority of gay Americans who have to ask, “Am I supposed to know of these places?” Or, more damningly, “Am I supposed to care for these places?”

    This article is another example of Queerty’s old way of thinking NYC-related culture means anything to the much larger number of gay Americans who a) don’t live in/near NYC; and b) don’t care about/for NYC. The reverberations of B Bar closing down Miss Lamar’s shop pretty much die out at the city’s limits, outside of my previously stated concerns re: gentrification.

    The only silver lining is that I can be glad that the new ownership has already started to report on affairs more centric to the other half of the country. Perhaps there will be some balance yet.

  • SexOffender

    What is the point of this headline? Kicking someone while they’re down? Beige was a staple of gay life in NYC for the past 15 years and it’s come to a halt because of baby carriage wielding community boards holding meetings at Starbucks about filing noise complaints after they just moved into their brand new luxury condo on the BOWERY. They would be grateful their curb didn’t have trannies kicking it there if they’d lived on the Bowery 15 years ago– why don’t they just turn their central A/C up to drown out the little noise from below?

    In any case, Queery has shown its true ‘agenda’ in sitting home typing away with your fat faggot fingers, shit-talking people of your own community and celebrating the misfortunes of others, in this case a downtown legend/icon of much more importance & renown than you’ll ever achieve.

    I thought Queerty had been kicked to the curb… sadly not…

  • Thor's Hammer


    Uh, do you have trouble with reading comprehension? The article clearly decried the fact that a long running institution was being kicked to curb because of the East Village’s new wealthy residents.

    That said, this is all part of the cycle. Gays moved into the area and pushed out the poor. Once the area became safer and trendier, cute little yuppy straight couples moved in with their families. They then declare the neighborhood theirs and force out the gays who can’t afford sky rents or aren’t deemed suitable to be around Baby Hughey.

    This cycle happens all around the country.

  • TommyOC

    @Thor’s Hammer: I’m soooo freakin’ glad someone else here gets the cycle.

    And honestly, I’m glad the cycle exists. I’m glad we get driven out by the irony of our own neighborhood-building successes. It forces us to establish new neighborhoods and communities for the betterment of all. We make blighted places better.

    On top of that, the cycle of gentrification ensures that gays will not pool in certain population centers. It ensures that our neighborhoods do not become gay-only enclaves where our own culture and influence festers and rots unchallenged. It ensures we do not fall into comfortable stereotypes. And it ensures that our culture spreads continues to spread out like a supernova, instead of coalescing into the black hole of stagnancy.

    It’s those intrepid ghetto dwellers that push acceptance and introduces new ideas in local governance, living and culture, ultimately luring others to help grow a brand-new community.

  • Michael Ortiz

    @TommyOC: So, are you telling us that you know who everybodyis, all the time when you read a headline? check MISS LAMAR on IMDb, Wikipedia, ZIMIO, Fame Game. I’m so sorry than you life in midle Amerca make so angry aboutthe center of the world. I hope next timeQUEERTYwill tell you where to get lay.

  • QJ201

    @Michael Ortiz: Seriously? I mean seriously? The club kids of NYC always think they are the center of the universe. Legends in their own minds.

  • QJ201

    @SexOffender: Calling the editors of Queerty “Faggots” doesn’t help your argument.

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