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Yvonne Moore Wants $250K Back From Her Gay Marriage-Loving Church. I Want a Pony

Let’s all fall in love with Yvonne Moore, who’s suing her long-time church, Washington D.C.’s Covenant Baptist, for the $250,000 she donated in the past after the church began performing same-sex marriages. I just don’t have the heart to tell her that god doesn’t issue refunds. Not without a receipt.

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    What a miserable hatefull old crunt. I am sure she was alive and remembers when Blacks were not allowed to marry whom they loved..And yet she has no problems tossing the same hatefull actions upon the Gays……….

  • Mykelb

    What is she suing for, breach of contract??? ROTFLMAO

  • spider_orchid

    Ummm, yeah eff this old bag.

  • Jon (the cranky one)

    It’s interesting that intolerance and bigotry concerning hte ghey always comes with the disclaimer . .”but I have gay friends” . .somehow this makes a person absolved from idiot status?

    Who are these so-called “friends”? Why don’t these friends ever speak for themselves?


  • Mykelb

    @Jon, I am sorry but if my straight “friends” acted like that, it would be on.

  • Jon (the cranky one)

    @Mykelb: Yeah the whole “my enemy as friend” doesn’t even apply in this case. Who are these people?

    It may just take self-loathing to another dimension.

  • Cam

    Interesting that in her world, if you donate to a church you get to tell everybody what god wants.

  • Revemupman

    Fucking stupid, I bet she will donate to peter popoff after this……

  • Jon (the cranky one)

    in all seriousnessesess . .sss. . .I think all of my straight friends have come over to the dark side. .those who didn’t .. well they’ve been bannished to the online world of animal crossing, or sumthing.

  • Jon (the cranky one)

    and . . .I WANT A PONY.

  • Thomas

    Looking past this hateful and pathetic woman, I can’t help but feel very thankful for people like her Southern Baptist pastors who are willing to sacrifice half their congregation for equality.

  • LatinCub

    I can’t wait till this generation is LONG AND GONE. Hopefully, much of the hatred will go with it.

  • Chris


  • Jay

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Hatred of gays is what unites white trailer trash and black ghetto trash.

    There, I said it.

  • Jon (the cranky one)



    @Jay: Along with lots of other groups of haters. I don’t subscribe to the thinking that because someone is a minority they get a pass for tossing hate our way. I have been called out many times by blacks, muslims, asians, and even eskimos for hitting members of their groups with both barrels when they lob a volley over to our side…….

    In fact it even makes me boil over more when a member of a group that has been the target of discrimination has no problem tossing hate our way like Driving Miss Cruntyface above…………

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Jay: Hatred of gays is what unites white trailer trash and black ghetto trash.
    There, I said it.

    Quoted for truth. Can I get an amen?


  • Lanjier

    Wow. They lost half of their congregation, including this woman, by showing devotion and love to gay parishioners and families. What a couple of American heroes.

  • Sceth

    SHE CONCEDED that the people who draw a parallel between black and gay civil rights struggles “HAVE A POINT.” That’s more than I’ve heard out of lots of old bigots, and I hope it marks their fall and redemption.

  • Lucius vorenus

    She was totally defeated and she could herself see how ridiculous she was.

    I had satisfaction from this report.

  • Bryan Harris

    Check out your church’s stand on gay marriage before you hand over your quarter of a million.

  • jeffree

    Moore looks less?
    If Miss Moore thought her donation would some how influence her church’s theology or position on teh gheyz, well I know of a rent-boi-hiring-Baptist-pastor who will be glad to accept her payola.

    EASY CLUE: he’s out of a job at NARTH & unable to find other work.

    Good on this church for doing the right thing. And for ignoring her……

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