Zac Efron And His Italian Daddy Turn Down For What In New Vacation Dance Video

zacballaZac Efron continues to prove himself as a master of seduction with another dancing video from his vacation in Italy this week, where he’s been catching some sun and wiggling on tables with actress Michelle Rodriguez and a few other friends, including a mysterious “Italian businessman” who straddled him from behind on Monday.

Zac’s Italian daddy has since been identified as Gianluca Vacchi, an “entrepreneur” that enjoys the company of young female models, and now apparently Zac Efron. Watch them turn down for what in the clip below with choreographer Youssef Giga, and please, make sure to lay a towel down on your seat before you do.

Zac has quite the moves for a 26-year-old straight dude! Check out his flawless moonwalk below, as well as a supercut of his finest dance moments from The Wrap: