Zac Efron And His Italian Daddy Turn Down For What In New Vacation Dance Video

zacballaZac Efron continues to prove himself as a master of seduction with another dancing video from his vacation in Italy this week, where he’s been catching some sun and wiggling on tables with actress Michelle Rodriguez and a few other friends, including a mysterious “Italian businessman” who straddled him from behind on Monday.

Zac’s Italian daddy has since been identified as Gianluca Vacchi, an “entrepreneur” that enjoys the company of young female models, and now apparently Zac Efron. Watch them turn down for what in the clip below with choreographer Youssef Giga, and please, make sure to lay a towel down on your seat before you do.

Zac has quite the moves for a 26-year-old straight dude! Check out his flawless moonwalk below, as well as a supercut of his finest dance moments from The Wrap:

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  • drivendervish

    I have been laughing all week about Zac’s vacay because the media keep reporting that this proves Michelle Rodriguez is really straight because she is with this Gianluca guy when it is obvious to me that Zac is with Gianluca and Michelle is still a lesbian!

  • Faulk

    I love it when guys can dance, i feel for the first time attracted to him XD

  • michael

    @Faulk: Yep, gay fact #3. Good on the dance floor = good in bed.

  • SteveDenver

    I despised the High School Musical films and wrote off Efron with them. Now it appears he might possibly be the new Rob Lowe: always handsome, but improving with age; has a sense of humor and doesn’t mind putting himself in the punchline; and charming as hell (did anyone see his most recent appearance on GRAHAM NORTON?). Now if he gets a few more decent roles like THE PAPERBOY.

  • Faulk

    @michael: Yeah, thats true, i love me a good dancer :D

  • Mezaien

    How sweet! men and only men.

  • hotshot70

    michelle = beard

  • justSomeGuyFromNJ

    I cannot make any sense of the title of this article.

    Zac Efron And His Italian Daddy Turn Down For What In New Vacation Dance Video

    …turn down for what…


  • adventuretime

    @justSomeGuyFromNJ: First of all–great handle, I’m from NJ. Secondly–I’m gonna make fun of you for not being “with it,” as the kids say these days.

    Just kidding, I’m 25.

    But seriously–“Turn Down For What” is slang/lingo/street jive for reckless behavior (look it up!), as well as a really popular recent song with Lil Jon, as heard in the first video above. I won’t blame you for not being a part of the in crowd :P

  • Lvng1tor

    There’s nothing worse than an attractive, hot bodied, funny, young, successful, wealthy guy is enjoying his life…oh wait that sounds pretty damn good! Let’s dissect it!

  • YesIDid

    Now all he needs is an Oscar ceremony stage number dancing with Snow White and he’s all set!

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