Zac Efron Comes ThisClose To Naked Breast


While Chace Crawford struggles with gay face, Zac Efron is battling his own homo rumors. Maybe that’s why Interview magazine threw him a bone and had this naked girl roll around in the mud with Efron for the accompanying photospread to Gus Van Sant’s Q&A. Look how macho and heterosexual Efron looks with his fingers so close to mammary glands! (There is a naked breast behind the jump.)


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  • vince

    no. still gay.

  • Jack

    ‘Look at me! I’m straight! I’m straight! See, I’m near a breast!’

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Maybe Van Sant just used a really hot Brazilian tranny?

  • Brianna

    Queerty needs more breasts. That lesbian couple in the queerty logo is under-represented. They are sad, sad bathroom-symbol lesbians.

  • Tim in SF

    These desperate cries for help leave me quoting Hamlet:

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  • Brianna

    I have to say…I’ve never heard the term “Gayface” before.

  • 7SnowyNights

    That looks…awkward. Can’t really make a joke out of it, it’s not like he’s reeling from the chick, but they both seem…uncomfortable.

  • TheWeyrd1

    Yay! Naked BREASTS!!! Okay, Zac is what I call a lesbianish man…er boy…er man. Sheesh, how old is he again!?! Anyway, he’s just too pretty… Kinda like an androgynous woman…

  • Alex H

    That’s too funny! Sorry, but even if they show Miss Zac with his tool in the shed, I’ll still think he’s gay. And NOT because I want it to be true. He doesn’t do it for me, but I will admit that he is attractive.

  • BradK

    “Do these come with directions?”

  • Tom

    jesus he looks like he’s in pain

  • afrolito

    Beautiful pictures.

  • Bill in PDX

    Pictures are cool but…. No, he is not macho or manly whatever that is… What was Gus doing in that interview. Zac is young and a hot hollywood commodity and I hope he decides to be true to himself and not play the sanitized Disney game. My gaydar is on full tilt.. He has no chemistry with woman. HE has chemistry with men. ….. The pictures are hot and I am not sure how he felt being without his mascara and concealer. He is hot no matter what he is doing.

  • Alex

    Um, how many straight guys do you know who would be looking at her face?

  • Nate

    Next he’ll be jumping on a couch shouting, “I love her, I love her!”

  • Devlin

    Though contrived and staged = uncomfortable, I think he’d be more comfortable with a nice set of balls low hanging in front of his face. Something tells me the uncomfortable look would be more of longing, one of, let me wrap my lips around those gorgeous suckable ummm …. well you get the picture.

  • Russell

    @Brianna: I think this is your lesbian representation.

  • cruiser

    Still waiting for the day when his People Magazine cover comes out with the headline: “Ok, I’m Gay, get over it!” he does look a little uncomfortable, unsure of what he is supposed to be doing, why he is supposed to be doing whatever it is he is supposed to be doing, ‘why did I even agree to do this?’ etc.
    He is only 21(just turned 21 last year)he has a long road ahead especially if he continues to grow into his looks, he is going to be every young gay boy’s ultimate fantasy. He is waay too pretty for his own(or anybody else’s for that matter)good. Now all we need is for him to show up as a Morning Goods w/some sort of semi-NSFW type photos to add to the mystery!

  • Brianna


    Really? Looks like a straight pairing to me…

    …well, maybe not all straight.

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