Zac Efron Tackles Toughest Role Yet — James Franco’s Foreskin

Zac-Efron-Shirtless-2014-MTV-Movie-Awards-360x239He’s been a crooning high schooler, a ruthless frat boy and a struggling DJ (in a film that struggled even more), but nothing — nothing — could have prepared genetically perfect Zac Efron for his latest acting challenge. Over the weekend he summoned the spirits of Olivier, of Brando and Bogart, to portray, nay, become James Franco‘s foreskin.

Do you smell that? That’s Oscar buzz. Or maybe just James Franco’s foreskin. They’re both a little tangy.

This role of a lifetime took form at 37-year-old Franco’s star-studded bar mitzvah, a traditional Jewish ceremony typically celebrated around age 13 to usher boys into manhood.

Except this bar mitzvah, thrown by Seth Rogen and wife Lauren Miller Rogen, was anything but traditional. It actually sounds a bit like a club Stefon would describe on Saturday Night Live circa 2010.

It. Had. Everything.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 9.09.15 AMMiley Cyrus dressed as a slutty Star of David, Seth Rogan singing Fiddler on the Roof, Rabbi Jeff Goldbloom performing symbolic surgery and HAIM closing it out with a little Israeli folk music.

During the fake circumcision, a prerecorded Efron stunned with his anthropomorphization of Franco’s foreskin, joking that he’d protected Franco for a long time. D’aw.

“Tonight has been f–king eventful, I mean, Zac Efron as your f–kin’ penis, foreskin, that’s a famous dick you got there, we all knew that anyway!” Cyrus told the audience.

“James never had a bar mitzvah and he mentioned that to me 15 years ago and it’s one of those things we’ve talked about over the years and we needed a theme for this year’s event, and we thought, we could give James Franco a bar mitzvah and hold a charity event,” Rogen told E! News. “That seemed like a good opportunity—you don’t pass on that.”

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