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Zac Efron Touched Another Man’s Hand, So Of Course He’s Gay

Oooh, a Zac Efron gay rumor, because we love those! In this week’s edition of Is He Or Isn’t He, the National Enquirer claims our little Efron was at an NBA party at the W Hotel in Los Angeles last month where “he held hands and flirted with someone right under the nose of his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens — and it was a GUY!” I know: A young, attractive actor touching the hand of another male homo sapien is just about as scandalous as things get. Especially when he does it in public! Maybe he was even leading this other man — BY THE HAND — into the bathroom!

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  • Sam

    He certainty isn’t straight, neither is Taylor Lautner

  • Stephen

    How can anyone care about this BS?

  • Rick

    @Stephen: You cared enough to post and call it BS so maybe you should answer your own question.

  • Cam

    I’m sorry, but I know ACTUAL gay couples that still have issues with touching hands in public. So, that said, this probably means he isn’t just gay…but he’s really gay…you know, like gayer than an anti-gay preacher.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Sam: I suppose you know because you’ve had sex with both of them? Get a life and quit worrying about what a 19 year old actor does in his private time.

  • ScienceNerd

    Our species name is Homo sapiens, not sapien. Just sayin’.

  • Dave

    Why do gay men believe that all good looking guys are gay?There is never peculation about some fat ugly guy.

  • Peter K

    His private life is his to live and none of our business…

  • Cam

    @Dave: said..

    Why do gay men believe that all good looking guys are gay?There is never peculation about some fat ugly guy.”

    Gee, lets look at that…why IS it that gays think that many celebs are gay…hmmmm, could it be because SO DAMN MANY of them turn out to be that way?

    Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, Jody Foster, George Michael, Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen GeGenerous, etc…

    Perhaps the gay “Community” simply finds it odd that 90% of the drama club in high School was gay, and yet every single actor and actress in Hollywood is supposedly straight.

  • mrbill

    wish he was gay but do not think so and if this really happened ware are the cell phone photos ???

  • hephaestion

    Zac has never set my gaydar off at all. He DOES strike me as a very kind & secure young man who would never freak out over a tiny drop of affection with another male.

  • McMike

    @Sam: Taylor Lautner brought his boyfriend to the People’s Choice Awards two years ago and so did Hugh Jackman.

    As for Zac Efron being gay… duh.

  • McMike

    @Dave: Because, Dave, the prettier a man is the more likely he is to dig other pretty men. It’s just a fact of life. Gay men tend to take care of themselves better and spend a good amount of time grooming themselves.

    btw, as for the fat, unattractive guys not being gay… Have you seen what the typical homophobe in the media looks like?

    I have a saying, the prettier a man is the easier it is to talk him into it and if he’s pretty enough he’ll be the one doing the talking.

  • Michael W.

    Zac and Vanessa broke up?

  • Mike

    I’ve held hands with chicks and that didn’t mean I was straight.

  • alan brickman

    THIS IS SO CHEAP!! No wonder equal rights are taking so long…bring back morning goods for the haters to have something else to vent about…

  • rush

    Ugh I hate that American male culture is soooooooooooo straight male oriented. In Europe and the middle east men kiss eachother on the cheeks as a greeting, but in America God forbid that a guy can hold another guy’s hand without it meaning they are gay.
    As a member of the younger generation, I find however that we care less about what people think. Maybe it’s because I live in California, but I have straight guy friends that aren’t afraid to hug me or comment on what I’m wearing or pulling something out of my hair, and other stuff like that.

  • Carole H

    I say “Who cares?” We are all the same, LGBT or straight. I hate to see anyone being “outed” as it is something each person has to do on his or her own time.

  • Kieran

    Zac Efron was caught holding hands WITH ANOTHER GUY?! EWWW!!!
    Like, that is like SOOOO GAY.

  • Oprah

    Oh i hope he is gay. His face screams I’M GAAAAYYYYYYY!!!(a bottom for that matter) LOL

  • Stenar

    @Dave: Uhh… yah, there is speculation about fat, ugly guys. Just look at John Travolta. He’s fat and ugly and there’s tons of speculation about his sexuality.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    LMAO!! Funny how the drama club’s 90% gay stat drops to undetectable levels in the light of Hollywood. Great point!


    Travolta may be fat & possibly ugly to some now, but he used to be a hunk. I for one had many salacious thoughts about Vinny Barbarino. Hell, still do. Aging can be an evil harpy.

    And all pretty gay boys eventually get old and possibly fat and ugly. So why don’t we speculate about the sexuality of the over-weight and under-attractive?

    1) Eeww!.

    2) They have enough problems.

  • Silver

    @McMike: I was unaware that Taylor Lautner brought a boyfriend to the People’s Choice awards. Is there a (at least semi-reputable) source for this?

  • Julian

    They weren’t using a Plural.

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