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  • Mac McNeill

    He’s trying to butch up his image. I guess Tom only wants them manly.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Check out the boy in the second pic. He’s totally thinking,

    Quel poire à lavement.


    Could someone ‘splain to me why very good looking people feel the need to constantly make themselves less attractive by allowing patches of facial hair to sprout on their faces? One of my cattiest, bitchest friends explains that the reason God created facial hair was for ugly people to have something to hide their faces with………:p

    While Zac can at least grow more than a boystache unlike many celebs his “beard” looks like a field of crops after a months long drought………..

    Looks like he walked that carpet alone, guess he is so very used to appearing on red carpets with two legged beards that he needed to compensate :p

  • Enron

    I think the little girl and her mom behind her have the best expression (second picture). I can just imagine their conversation:

    Little Girl: Mom, why is the hair falling off Zac’s face?

    Mom: That’s because its not real sweetie and I am trying get a picture of it before all of it falls off.

    Seriously, everybody’s expression in picture 2 is priceless.


    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Ok, I took the bait and used the googles to translate your words, however this is what popped up: “What bulb enema” :p

  • Soupy

    It’s Bieber with a beard. The face kind.

  • SFHndymn

    @plays well with others
    I’m guessing it is “What a douche.”

  • That Bitch Téa Delgado

    He actually looks hot with the facial hair.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @SFHndymn: Yup. Use Google Translate.

    Most of the critics hate “Charlie St. Cloud” in this town.

  • Drew

    He’s still a 5’4″ gay twink trying to act butch. I don’t get the draw?

  • Hilarious

    He honestly looks like a girl pretending to be a man in those pictures.

    I guess the glasses are to cover up his face considering he can’t possibly smear as much makeup on with all that fur in the way.

    I really don’t get the attraction to any of these new kids in Hollywood. They all seem so untalented and uninteresting.

    Where are the Michael J. Foxes of my generation at? This is embarrassing.

  • lilly

    You guys are disgusting. I hate it when people think that someone is gay because they “look” gay. How racist and homophobic can you get? None of you even know Zac, I’m sure. I know that you cannot tell that someone is gay from the way they look, but you sure can tell that someone is an idiot by the way they write comments.

  • Rod

    He looks handsome with facial hair. He’s almost 23 years old and its about damn time he shed that cute High School Musical boyish appearance and look more handsome. If he wants to be taken seriously as a leading actor in Hollywood, this look is a good first step.

  • Dallas David

    Gay or not, he needs to wash his hair.

    Back in the 1970’s the message was, “The Wethead is Dead.”

    Over the past decade or so, cosmetic manufacturers have been pushing pomades of various types on unwitting people, and as an unhappy consequense, everyone’s hair looks like it needs a good shampoo.

  • Blake J

    @lilly: I agree that you cannot (usually) tell someone is gay from the way they look, but it is everything else that tells us that Zac is gay or bisexual with a leaning mainly towards men.

  • deibu76

    @Dallas David:

    Past decade? It started with mousse 2 decades ago. Pomades, gels, waxes, etc. were huge in the 90’s and they aren’t going away anytime soon, and they aren’t all greasy.

    Growing up, I remember my dad spraying his hair into a complete helmet with a can of Consort. That was what the 70’s were about.

  • Anon

    I’ve never heard that expression… and I’m French.

    I think the beard looks good on Zac.

  • Ian

    “Zac Efron Walks the Red Carpet With His Beard”

    Oh that’s nice, what was her name?

  • Siki?

    Over the past decade or so, cosmetic manufacturers have been pushing pomades of various types on unwitting people, and as an unhappy consequense, everyone’s hair looks like it needs a good shampoo.


    Based on all the thumbs down on #3 guess there are a lot of guys who viewed this thread who had something to hide! :p c’mon lighten up………..

  • wmcarpenter



  • scott ny'er

    To me, he looks pretty… unsexy here. The hair, the beard/stache, etc. Very not hot.

    And some really expensive hair products DO make your hair look greasy. Which sucks. I know it does that with my hair.

  • stevenelliot

    Zac! honey. Grow out…shave off. grow out….shave off. repeat many times and your scruff will eventually thicken up. your stylist should know that. right now it smacks of mange. but its somewhat appealing. Like when DiCaprio first started showing up with facial hair


    @wmcarpenter: “Neard”: Brilliant! The perfect description to go with Boystache…….. :p

    (which are both kinda sorta cute on 14yr old boys but kinda sad on grown men………)

  • Swedish Fish

    Zac’s trying to be a hipster!


    I love men who sport their scruffy beards. Nowadays even straight guys shave everything in order to appeal to women.

  • Lol

    Why is it that after reading the title on the home page, I thought I was clicking on an article about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (aka his other beard)

  • L.

    Boy. You’ve really outdone yourself with the title pun, today.

  • L.

    @L.: That comment was meant for the “Mark your territory” Morning Goods. I really need Firefox’s Tab Candy like, right *now*.

  • Gay

    Zac is gay gay gay…

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