Pop Brownies

Zac Efron’s shimmering abs, The Golden Girls-themed café, Loni friggin’ Anderson, and so much more

Don’t even pretend you aren’t waiting with bated breath to see the insides of the fabled Golden Girls-themed café. Unclear whether they’ll be serving anything besides cheesecake, but here you go:

And don’t even pretend you aren’t absolutely dying to see Wentworth Miller be all smoldering and tormented in the suddenly revived Prison Break: 


Wait, so now you’re all fronting like you aren’t totally living for Loni Anderson making her grand return to our lives in My Sister Is So Gay? You’re officially out of control today and we’re over it:

DNA Magazine Australia went ahead and compiled a bunch of footage of Zac Efron‘s abs from the upcoming Baywatch film, but that doesn’t interest you either, does it? Because you’re literally impossible.

Then what about Michael Peña acting really, really scared of Dax Shepard’s penis in the trailer for the fucking CHiPs reboot? Okay, you’re way into that.