Zac Hanson issues apology for racist, transphobic stupidity

Hanson. Zac Hanson, far right. Via Shutterstock

Former teen idol and Hanson drummer Zac Hanson has issued an apology following the leak of a Pintrest account maintained by the musician which contained right-wing transphobic, homophobic and racist content.

The account came to public light in June, following fan criticism of the band Hanson (a trio, consisting of Zac and his two brothers) for not voicing support of anti-racism during the George Floyd/#BlackLivesMatter protests. The band later issued a general denouncement of racism via Instagram following fan outcry, as did the three individual members. Conspicuously, none of them mentioned Black Lives Matter by name.

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Then the Pintrest account became public. According to Vice, the account contained “a trove of pro-gun memes, many of which were racist, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist. Among them was one supporting George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, and another comparing the right to use an AR-15 rifle with Rosa Parks’s right to sit on a bus.”

Swift backlash ensued, and within days Zac Hanson confirmed that the account did belong to him. He first tried to explain it away as a joke saying “Maybe it’s in bad taste, a lot of comedy is.”

Now Hanson has issued a more pointed apology. “The leaked Pinterest page provided a distorted view of the issues surrounding race and social justice, which do not reflect my personal beliefs,” he wrote to Vice. “I apologize for the hurt my actions caused.”

Hanson rose to fame in 1997 with the hit song “MMMBop,” which went to #1 on the Bilboard Top 100. At the time, Zac Hanson was only 11 years old. Now 35, he is the father of four children and married to Kate Tucker. Last month, with “Hansongate” in full bloom, Hanson’s brother Isaac also posted a claim to Instagram that the government is using COVID-19 as an excuse to “cancel Christmas.”