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  • DumbAndHung

    Zachy G. can be a funny guy, but in my book he went from hero to zero when he lobbied to have Mel Gibson removed from “Hangover 2.” I work with a lot of people with whom I don’t agree politically, but I don’t conspire to get them fired.

  • princeofthesummer

    @DumbAndHung: Do you work with alot of violent, drunken, spouse-beating, homophobic, anti-semetic, sexist bigots?

  • michael

    Well the dentist did say her teeth weren’t beaten or anything and the other stuff comes from his crazy ass father I really think like whoopie said he’s a good guy who when he drinks the brainwashing he went through comes out.

  • alan brickman

    Zach is obvious and gay slurry….lol

  • Jeff

    @DumbAndHung: That’s bullshit, I’m not jewish but I wouldn’t want an Anti-Semite doing a film with me and I’m sure other’s don’t want to see him. I understand that white’s have a problem, emoting with black people(scientifically proven) but what he said was racists, and I agree that he should have been removed.

  • McMike

    @Alan Brickman: Because he’s on our side??? WTF? If anything, this means he’s straight since Hollywood is one big closet and any gay man wouldn’t come anywhere near the issue of gay rights since he’d be too afraid to be outed by it.

  • Jeffree

    @McMike: Don’t fret over poor AlanBrickman; he’s showing signs of dementia & has developed aphasia. Complete sentences or thoughts don’t occur to him. No longer can he tell the difference between yesterday and months ago, which is why he believes Morning Goods went bye-bye on Thursday.

  • D Smith

    @michael: then he should own it. acknowledge his prejudice and work to remove its influence on his life… instead of embracing it. as for the drinking bringing it out… simple solution… dont drink.

  • Freddie

    @DumbAndHung: Are you kidding? Please say you are.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Freddie: not about the first part of his screen name.

  • fuzz

    @michael: Then maybe he should stop drinking. Gods forbid anybody show a little responsibility for their behavior in Hollywood.

  • RJ

    “I understand that white’s have a problem, emoting with black people(scientifically proven)”

    I’m 100% sure you’re making that up.

  • RJ

    @D Smith: He shouldn’t “own it” if it’s not the way he really feels. As for his drinking, he shouldn’t have to give up drinking just because some people can’t understand that people say things they don’t mean when they’re drunk. It’s not illegal to get wasted and say stupid shit.

    @fuzz: See above comment.

  • Shivian Balaris

    This video doesn’t contain the dress portion, did they remove it?! Hrm…

  • Freddie

    @JusticeontheRocks: :D

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