Zach Wahls Wows Crowd At GLAAD Awards, Aces Queerty’s Gay Marriage Quiz

Remember Zach Wahls, the Iowa college student who gave a viral speech about growing up with two moms? GLAAD recruited the eloquent sir to speak at their 2012 Media Awards this past Saturday, and he also walked the red carpet and spoke with us.

Queerty asked Wahls whether the fact of going viral on YouTube politicized him. He responded: “I don’t think the experience politicized me—I think, unfortunately, the experience of growing up with gay or lesbian parents has been politicized, and that’s ridiculous, because love is not a political statement.”

Zach, who could have a bright future in motivational speaking, gave a speech kicking off the Awards ceremony that was equal parts moving and funny. Watch it below.

On having the support of the gay community in the wake of his video going viral, he said: “As I read these messages from real person who had found strength and inspiration in my words and story, that I had the support of this incredible community that I wasn’t even fully aware existed. And I realized that there were people who had never met me [or my moms], but after watching that video, they were standing with us just the same.”

And his response to the most common question he gets from other straight dudes about his two moms (“Dude, are they hot?”): “Yeah, I mean I guess if middle-aged lesbians are your thing, sure. They’re handsome. They’re handsome.”