Zachary Quinto Has a Sex Scene. With a Girl!

What’s more awkward: Seeing Star Trek‘s Zachary Quinto try to make love to a women, or listening to him swear his face off? It’ll have to be the latter, because Mr. Quinto couldn’t get hard. Is that, like, part of the joke? (This video is full of profanity; NSFW in that regard.)

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  • Lucky Luke

    So mean. LOL

  • HayYall

    Queerty, you’re so right. I mean if he’s gay in real life he can’t possibly play a straight guy can he?

    This is part of the reason gay actors don’t come out of the closet.

  • h21

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The only awkward thing here is this headline and text. It’s embarrassing reading something like that… especially on this site. Come on. This is so wrong.

  • Dave

    Way to go on making things bad for gay actors. We sit and complain that not enough come out of the closet and when a suspected gay actor is in a scene with a female (since it shouldn’t matter since they are ACTING) all the gays attack them.

    No wonder they don’t want to come out…because if they do appatently Queerty will put them in a box and make fun of them if they have a sex scene with a female.

  • KJ

    @HayYall: Agreed!

    Queerty, why would it be awkward to watch Quinto make love to a woman? I don’t understand the train of thought. For a good actor, as in all other careers, sexual orientation should be irrelevant. Why it is not for you, I cannot guess.

  • DelphKC

    No sh-t, make up your mind already Qweerty! It’s starting to smell like Perez Hilton in here! :-(

  • pchul

    With a Girl!
    With a Girl!
    With a Girl!
    With a Girl!
    With a Girl!

    THIS is why gay actors can’t come out. It’s worse when it comes from gay media. WTF is wrong with you guys?

  • alejandro

    this shit doesnt surprise me from queerty no more…

    but OMG LOL this video was hilarious XD :D

  • me

    I think he’s hot!

  • Brandon

    I didn’t feel like anyone was attacking him. I mean seriously, didn’t know nobody could take a joke, it’s not like Queerty is the number one most revered source of gays news out there.. why can’t they make a joke? , and I am very sure this will not cause Zachary Quinto to go even further in the closet, let’s not think too highly of ourselves.

    And that clip.. was hilarious to me!

  • m-sexy

    who cares if hes gay or not,an actor should be able to do it all

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