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Zachary Quinto In His Underwear Is Zachary Quinto’s Christmas Gift To You

Back in April we saw Zachary Quinto play a whole handful of rules in Before And After, a webisode that’s perfectly in tune with your attention span, because it mashes together a whole host of scenarios but only shows you what happens before and after (get it?). Here’s Zach’s follow up. You’re going to press play if we tell you he ends up in his underwear, aren’t you?

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  • Rob Moore

    It was worth clicking with or without Zachary Quinto’s underwear, but that was a cherry on the treat. It was funny.

  • Hank

    Gorgeous, classy, talented guy. I’ll take any post on him even if it’s a lame queerty post to bump up / generate queerty web hits volume for ad revenue that generates the usual tired BS responses to he and a few others actors.

  • Owen

    Go see “Angels in America” and you get to see full Quinto peen.

  • Xtincta

    Meh too hairy…..

  • brandon H

    Too hairy?!?! He’s perfect!

  • T

    What part is funny?

  • jacknasty

    I like Zachary Quinto I think he is talented, but he is not hot. And seeing him in underwear I was surprised how out of shape he looked.

  • Pip

    I love him haha. He’s so sexy and in like a naughty dirty way. I WANT SOME NAKED SPOCK ACTION IN MAH BED!

  • berto

    Great actor, no doubt. There is absolutely nothing, not an ounce, not one bit of hotness about him.

  • Pip

    @berto: He’s several times more hot than you.

  • SexAddict

    How big is his dick? Is he cut? Woof.

  • Krill

    @Pip: Agree totally especially with a name like ‘Berto’ – lol…

  • Lefty

    He’s wonderful, isn’t he? *swoon*

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