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Zachary Quinto Shares The Advice He Offers Closeted Actors Who Contact Him

zq attI just share my experience and say, ‘This is how it went down for me, this is how I feel.’ I tell them, “Trust that even if it means you’re not as famous, or even if it means it’s not exactly what you thought it would be, it’s still more valuable when you’re assessing your life at the end of that.’”


Zachary Quinto doing closeted actors a solid in an Attitude magazine cover profile 

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  • Masc Pride

    I like Zachary. Loved him as Thredson/Bloody Face. I agree with what he’s saying, but it’s also funny how actors who have already made it (same with Ian McKellan) are stating that fame doesn’t matter as much as coming out. It’s so easy to say once you’re already established. But at least Zachary is acknowledging that it very well could limit your possibilities. His statement appears much more genuine and realistic, which is always more helpful than idealizing.

  • AtticusBennett

    the best advice is simply this: be the person you needed when you were younger.

    when people ponder coming out they need to realize that it’s not just about THEM. if it’s hard for “you” to come out, it’s because other people in your situation or circumstance made the self-serving choice to NOT come out. they didn’t open the door for you.

    so ask yourself: do you want future generations to be faced with that closed door? wouldn’t it have been great if someone else had opened the door for YOU? be that person. open the door. we’re so much stronger when we all just DO IT.

  • Captain Obvious

    More like the unwanted “advice” he offers to the lil rent boys he hopes come out so he can live his dream of marrying a twink half his age. Those little pretty boys he dates would never look at him twice if he wasn’t footing the bill for all the toys in their playpen.

    Nice try, Zach. Call a daddy a daddy.

  • CWM85

    I would tell them the more we come out the more the entertainment world would have to accept us.

  • Doughosier

    Seems the best path is to get famous, then come out.

  • zooby

    @CWM85: I would tell them “quit being cowards.” You’re paying your own bills, you have excuse to be in the closet.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    These closet cases are just looking to score.

  • n900mixalot

    As a person, boring, don’t care. The characters written which he lands are interesting. Far more interesting than he himself is. He has a look studios like and a voice that isn’t like a butterfly tap dancing on a rainbow. That’s all it takes. No talent. Good luck. Right place, right time. Maybe a family member in the right position with a studio.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Closet-case actors probably have to pay money to the people they sleep with to stay shush. Meanwhile their straight counterparts can have as many partners as they want.

    That’s probably the only real downside.

    Otherwise they don’t owe anything to society to be forced to come out. If I were earning their money the fickle gay community would rank at or near last on my list of priorities.

  • Rimmington

    Why do we hold actors in such high esteem?

  • Masc Pride

    @CWM85: Lots of black and Latina actresses claim it’s hard for them to book jobs (google Viola Davis’ Emmy speech). Their ethnicities are “out” by default and it hasn’t made Hollywood much more accepting.

    @Cagnazzo82: I agree with you on this. TMK there are no LGBT foundations set up to help struggling actors pay their bills and sustain themselves if coming out doesn’t work out well. It also doesn’t help that stations like Logo–that could be giving more gay actors jobs by developing more gay original series and movies–are opting for syndication of shows mostly starring hetero characters. They say gay people aren’t interested in gay programming, but I think it’s far more likely that syndication of a popular show is just more lucrative and less risky.

  • Captain Obvious

    @Cagnazzo82: It’s not a probably it’s a reality. They’ve had contractual beards and contractual boyfriends since Hollywood became a thing.

    I mean just look at Quinto. He was “dating” Colton Haynes, the little rent boy twink who gets passed around from casting couch to casting couch sleeping his way onto television shows.

    Do you think a pretty boy twink like Haynes would ever give Quinto the time of day if his booty wasn’t being paid for? Once the contract was up Haynes split in a hurry.

    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Brad and Angelina(there are pics of Brad from when he was the rent boy passed around), Will and Jada(There’s a son called “Golden Boy” literally about Will being a closet case and his angry ex-beard calling him out… I guess he jipped her somehow), etc, etc.

    This stuff was probably most obvious with older actors like Rock Hudson. They didn’t have the “straight acting” thing down yet so their chemistry with other guys was almost like walking into oncoming traffic.

    Honestly Quinto having all these “opinions” now that he’s out is really hilarious considering how clearly ingrained he’s been in the entire thing. You have to be “in” to get one of those Hollywood rent boys, they aren’t just passing them out on the street corner. It also shows that he’s not interested in men his own age and considering how young he is himself that’s just pathetic. These guys are basically just boys, especially when you consider how stunted many gay men already are having missed out on a lot of social interaction straight people get in their teens. So it’s rather sick how the older(and old) men take advantage of them so easily as soon as they touch down in LAX.

  • JPVG1085

    @Captain Obvious: I agree with your post, one hundred percent. Thanks for your understanding of human nature, honesty and candor! As well as your ability to write coherently.

  • Luvstoread

    I’ve always enjoyed him since he was on Heroes. He’s really great as Spock too! And, why do people have to disparage him for how he feels. Also, it’s really none of our business who he chooses to date.

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