Zachary Quinto’s Boyfriend, Miles McMillan, Lets It All Hang Out For Steamy Photo Shoot

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 1.43.06 PM

We know you’ve been wondering — “So, who’s Zachary Quinto wrestling with under the sheets, anyways?”

Well, here’s the answer and then some.


Model Miles McMillan, who also happens to be dating the Star Trek actor, recently posed nude for Purple Magazine, and the result is a completely adorable, completely sexy photo series giving us youthful vibrance and potentially sandy butt crack.

Check out the NSFW shots from photographer Jack Pierson here.

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  • Sergio Meza

    Danny Lucas Rosario Castorena

  • Billy Budd

    He is cute. I want him.

  • Jamie Pittman

    I want what Zach is getting ??????

  • Marquize88

    Damn.. I can see why Zachary fell in love with him.. He is a cutie! I wonder who is the top and bottom in the relationship. ha

  • Bauhaus

    Alluring, seductive man. Beautiful.

  • ingyaom

    Cute, but nothing special… except to Zach, I suppose.

  • SteveDenver

    Gorgeous man, great photos. There are many nude photos when he has shoulder-length hair. Have a wonderful time, Zachary!

  • Chris Hilton

    L Alex Wishon omg I love the one where he’s holding the fish! ??

  • Brian

    This looks very mid to late 1970’s in terms of his hairstyle. Things were a lot more real back then.

    In any case, I think we should avoid nudity that’s designed for marketing. Nudity should be natural – such as at a nude beach – and not in a magazine.

  • Shaun King

    Wow what great pics he’s beautiful my favourite pic is the one in the water with his arse just above and him half turned around amAZING

  • John Munoz

    New Spock has good taste.

  • zooby

    @Marquize88: This guy is probably the bottom, he poses like a nelly feminine bottom

  • blawrence

    Such a beautiful man. Elegant, sensual, and very natural. I have a feeling he reflects Zachray’s personality (who happens to play I think the most awesome Spock since the original!). Sigh!

  • joeyty

    Irish. Yuck.

  • Stephen Meeks

    Oh, very nice indeed

  • tricky ricky

    hot diggity damn he’s fine.

  • surreal33

    Why does society feel the need reduce a man “Zachary Quinto’s boyfriend” how insulting!!!!!!!!

  • Justin S. Bishop

    Well… Everyone likes something different.

  • Garth

    @ingyaom: My thoughts also .

  • Nahald

    @surreal33: Would you know who he was if they didn’t say he was Quinto’s BF ?

  • Corey Eymann

    So still can’t get over the fact that Zach basically slut shamed us for being on PrEP, basically called us a bunch of whores, but he is dating a guy who has his nudes posted all over the interwebz? right.

  • Ellipse Kirk


  • RIGay

    Wow! Gorgeous boy! Lucky Zack!

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m sorry I clicked on those photos. Looks like the photog was going for a look that would seduce pedophiles. He clearly looks like a underage boy in some photos. And WTH is Zack thinking? Can’t he find a MAN and not a boy? Chile please..SMH

  • bobnla

    The kid is a trash can…no bf of mine would pose and display like that. Zachary has no respect either for the kid, nor for himself

  • youarekiddingme

    Love some of the smug, self-righteous posts…”Nothing special, can’t believe he would pose nude, blah, blah, blah…” Same bitter, couch potatoes who never get off their asses and do anything to improve their plight in life. Make themselves feel better by stepping on the backs of others. Pity.

  • stranded

    ugh to be 20 again…

  • Captain Obvious

    Zach is still hiring broke little escorts with big Hollyweird dreams to be on his arm. You’d think he was one of those geezers in the fashion industry.

  • kel777

    Beautiful man … but, really, who in the hell walks around with a gold necklace with their own name in script lettering? Who does that?

  • Bellamy

    Ugh, more stereotyping gays with photos of fay twinks with flowers. Ok, so he’s cute. But I also happen to consider looking at photos of a nude person as being the same as seeing them nude in person, and I haven’t the slightest care to ogle another man’s partner. It’s ridiculously immature and disrespectful (if not to them then to myself) and unlike most of the gay community I do have some decency and morals. I personally could never be with someone who is such a whore that he wants to share what should be private between us in a public-access photo spread. Fricking GROW UP people and stop giving the Repubs so much ammo. And if you disagree with what I just said, you are exactly what is wrong with the gay community. And if you have a problem with THAT comment, ditto from my previous sentence

  • Billy Budd

    You are all insane. This is the twenty-first century, people. It is normal to get naked in public. It is no bog deal and it does not mean that something is wrong with the gay world. Nudity is normal. It is healthy and beautiful.

  • Billy Budd

    Just Look at all those nude statues from the ancient world. At that time, nudity was ART. People enjoyed looking at the naked body of their idols and Gods. There was nothing more beautiful. We should learn from those folks from 500 BC.

  • youarekiddingme

    @Bellamy: Dear Saint Bellamy,

    Have you bothered to research the origins of Purple Magazine? Do you know that it is actually a French Art and Culture Magazine founded in 1992?

    The photos this young man appeared in are FAR from sexual or erotic and NOTHING to be ashamed of. We have celebrities and elected officials with more explicit and erotic photos posted on public media! Straight people I might add as well, so enough on the pulpit about republicans ok?

    Since we’re talking about nudes, art and a culture of nudes in society (Saint Bellamy)…which as someone already pointed out is very true in our society…Do you want to knock some very famous artists as well?

    How about Michangelo and those nasty paintings on the ceiling of the chapel?
    How about Da Vinci, Cezanne, Gaugin, Monet, Renoir…

    I’m not comparing these famous artists to the guy who photographed this subject (and before you say it, they used paint as a medium in their day…today it’s film) but they all have their right to capture nudity as art.

    Just because a prude like you doesn’t like it DOES NOT give you the RIGHT to condemn everyone else!! Save your bitter attitude for church (or whatever little strange place you puritanical types like to hang out together).

  • youarekiddingme

    @youarekiddingme: @Bellamy:

    Just saw one of your more repulsive remarks…”unlike most of the gay community I do have some decency and morals…” Except one…The Moral Value of STEREOTYPING others!!


    Gotta work on that huh Saint Bellamy?

  • joeyty

    I personally think the whole think is very hot. The guy, the style, the setting. But we all have different tastes so……understood if it’s not others’ cup of tea..

  • JerseyMike

    attractive in a basic sort of way.. I really don’t see anything special that you don’t see everyday. If I knew what he is like by being around him that might change my opinion. personality is half of beauty for me.

  • Anica


    It’s all well and good for people to mouth off about nudity being art and natural, under the guise of being “open minded” but do those people feel the same way about overweight, unattractive or elderly people appearing nude? If so, then fair enough. If not, they’re making their own arguments a bit pointless. There’s no point in saying nudity is “beautiful” if that just boils down to people you find attractive.

  • Anica

    @Billy Budd: We’ll see if you feel that way about fat old ladies when they appear nude.

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