Love is a battlefield

Zach Zakar’s boyfriend dumped him on Valentine’s Day

Not even the hottest of social media stars are immune to heartbreak, it seems.

In their new book Pray the Gay Away, the Zakar twins have an entire chapter dedicated to Zach’s his first boyfriend, Lukas.

The chapter tells the story of how the guys met, fell passionately in love, then suffered a quick demise.

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“Lukas was my first serious boyfriend,” Zach tells Gay Star News. “You know in the gay community you have like 30 flings before one actually sticks. I fell hard for Lukas being that it wasn’t a relationship just based around sex.”

He continues, “At the time, my life was still all over the place, to which I think Lukas understood, but slowly distanced himself from.”

In the book, Zach writes about how excited he was to meet Lukas for dinner one Valentine’s Day. He truly believed it would be the first of many and that the two would be spending the rest of their lives together.

In fact, he even suspected Lukas might propose to him that evening.

“We had dinner reservations on Valentine’s Day, and out of the blue, instead of dinner, I got a broken heart,” he recalls.

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To make a long and painful story short: Lukas showed up at Zach’s place for their date. He knocked on the door. Zach answered with a Valentine’s Day gift basket in hand. But instead of accepting the basket, Lukas told Zach to keep it. Then he dumped him.

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The whole thing, Zach says, was like “one big shitty sitcom.”

Things were obviously fine in the end. Zach has since moved on with his life. He’s now a social media star with a successful modeling career and a book under his belt.

And as for Lukas… Lukas who?

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