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Zander, 6, Is A Beauty Pageant King (And His Mother Loves It)

Hats off to mom Tracy Miller, whose two sons compete in beauty pageants that are regularly the territory of little girls. Zachary, 6, and his 3-year-old brother Casey have been competing since they were 18 months — which you might consider some form of child abuse, because these things can be awful, but that’s for another day. The best part, says Zachary, who appeared on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras, “I get to do my thing, and win trophies, and crowns, and sashes.” (Oh, and there’s some cash too!) As for our immediate assumption Zander is teased by classmates? He and his mom say it’s never been an issue. Adds token shrink Laura Markham: The problem isn’t with gender roles, but with any kid in any beauty pageant.

And for anyone who has a problem with boys competing in pageants, Tracy tells Good Morning America, “The people who say this is not for little boys need to wake up. We are in 2010. Heading into 2011. I honestly never thought I’d be doing pageants with my son. But he loves it. Everyone loves him.”

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