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Zane Phillips’ hunky handyman photoshoot has fans begging for him to plaster them

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Somebody call Ty Pennington because we have the sudden urge for an Extreme Home Makeover after seeing Zane Phillips in this jaw-dropping new photoshoot.

Perhaps sensing the collective anxiety around this week’s upcoming midterm elections, the hunky Legacies and Fire Island star helped quell the worst of our Sunday scaries when he shared a series of new photos this weekend from photographer Raphaël Chatelain.


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Donning paint-covered slacks and surrounded by bags of mortar, the vibe Phillips is giving is very much home renovation, very DIY. But if the star is really “doing it himself,” then we’ll volunteer to swing by a lend a hand!

What can we say, he looks ready to get to work! And, considering Phillips posted the pics just a few days after Disney’s planned live-action Hercules was in the news again, maybe he just wanted to remind us all that he’s more than capable of stepping into the sandals of the chiseled demigod.

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The internet, for its part, is losing it over the spread. Even the Instagram comments section is a sight to behold, with a veritable who’s who of gay hunks chiming in to make their thirsty puns. “Plaster me,” jokes Phillips’ Fire Island co-star Nick Adams. “Hello sir I have some spackling for you to attend to,” adds New York Times Cooking personality Vaughn Vreeland.

And Broadway star Andrew Keenan-Bolger is all of us with his comment: “Suddenly deeply interested in home renovations.”

Naturally, these photos have made their way to Twitter, where folks are just as rabid. For example:

And while we can certainly appreciate the momentary break from *motions wildly* everything, we also love that Phillips knows there are much more important matters at hand. On his Instagram story, the actor shared an Out magazine piece about the photoshoot—one with a headline that says he “wants you to see him get sweaty”— delightfully adding, “ok lol but actually I just want u to vote.”

That’s right, Zane! Use that platform—and all this attention—to get the gays to the polls!

Speaking of, while you’re here to gawk at the shirtless photos, can we interest you in this piece on the queer community fighting for their voice in Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s home district? Or, how about reading up on all of the LGBTQ folks running for office this year? Or, you know what? Go check out all of the excellent Election 2022 coverage from our colleagues over at LGBTQ Nation.

And most importantly: Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 8 — our futures depend on it!

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