Zimbabwe Gay Group’s Donation Of Pink Trash Cans Has People Seeing Red


Zimbabwe’s Sexual Rights Center found an interesting way to get their message of LGBT and women’s rights across in a country usually hostile to such issues—they donated trash cans painted bright pink and bearing the group’s logo to Bulawayo, the country’s second-largest city.

Mayor Patrick Thaba-Moyo applauded the program, saying gays are taxpayers (duh!) and can make whatever kinds of donations they like. He indicated the cans will be placed at strategic locations around town.

Bulawayo Residents Association Secretary General Samuel Moyo, however, said locals should have been consulted first. It’s been reported some residents who oppose the Center’s agenda are refusing to use the bins.

Yes, because indiscriminately throwing garbage on the ground is much more traditional and moral.

Image by ScarletPeaches