Crappy Birthday

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe: Gays Still Worse Than Pigs and Dogs

Zimbabwean crazy strongman President Robert Mugabe used the occasion of his 88th birthday party over the weekend to spew a new round of venom against gays and Western societies who embrace them.

“We reject that outright and say to hell with you,” Mugabe blasted before a crowd of 20,000 in the eastern Zimbabwe city of Mutare, and broadcast live by state-run national TV.

“You are free as a man to marry a woman, and that is what we follow,” proclaimed the de facto dictator.

Mugabe, who made headlines late last year by dissing gays as sub-animal, couldn’t resist reviving his provocative catch phrase.

“In their newspapers, that’s one of my sins — that I called [gays] ‘worse than pigs and dogs,’ because pigs know there are males and females,” Mugabe spewed. “I won’t even call him a dog, because my own dog will complain.”

Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to aggressively resist Western influence.

“You must go to the head of the imperialist and knock out his brain,” he said.

Photo via Jeremy Lock

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  • lookatme!

    I hope Zimbabwe has some oil…I’m getting my gun for this ape’s shit called president soon.

  • tj

    “one of my sins”…. umm actually its more about you being a murderer.

  • Bob

    Stop all foreign aid to these homophobic counties. Would the world stand for this if he was calling another minority pigs and dogs?….NO….It’s still okay for the world to discriminate against us though…Are we helping to support this pig sty of a country? If so, I want the portion of my taxes returned. Let them all starve and die until they lean some humanity.

  • Andreusz

    Mass murderers are so cute when they try to take he moral high ground.

  • Doot

    Things have really gone downhill in Rhodesia :(

  • isis

    well i guess hes trillion zimbabwe dollars messed his head up….he realized its worthless so now he wants some sponsorship from phobic people

  • Isaac C

    Anti-white and anti-gay statements. Nice.

  • Hyhybt

    I’m surprised he’s so old. From photos, I’d have guessed no more than 60.

    But yes, he’s a horrible person.

  • Paul F

    @Hyhybt: Drinking the blood of alter boys will do that for you, or was it carrrot juice, I can’t remember.

  • CBRad

    “Aggresively resist Western influence! (Except for cars. And medicine. For me).”

  • Random

    Talk about in the closet!

  • Triple S

    @Bob: While I would usually agree with you on what you said, it would be condemning the innocent people there. Yes, cutting foreign aid to the ‘governments’ of Africa would destroy them, but they would murder so many people while they fell. The phrase ‘If I’m going to hell, then I’m taking you with me’ rings throughout that continent. If we were to abandon them to self-annihilation (which they probably would do), then we would be inadvertently condemning every gay woman and man along with ANY other socially inferior person to cruel, brutal and horrific death.

    I know it’s effing frustrating; I would LOVE to destroy those sick people and make the world a better place, but we can’t do it without people starting to bitch about ‘White/Western Imperialists’ conquering all other civilizations. Show’s you how useless the UN is doesn’t it?

  • Bob

    @Triple S:
    The people of the USA made it on their own without foreign aid. Let these bigots make it on their own. It is not our problem. What we should be sending is bith control. I feel no pity for them at all. We have starving Americans that we should be worrying about. Stop all foreign aid. I resent working to support other countries.

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