Zulema: The Truth Is ‘Out”

374985623_m.jpegIn an interview on Nerve.com, Zulema offers up the “reality-TV sucks” perspective typical of past contestants–but then spills the beans on her love life:

You never talked about your husband on the show.
My wife. I did talk about her, they just chose not to air it.

They make you out to be this fabulous straight, single woman.
I know. The people who [the producers of the show] want to look good will look fabulous even though they’re monsters. People who say almost nothing can be made to look like the devil. With reality shows, there’s a script.

But is there a general rule on not talking about family, ex-boyfriends or sexual experiences?

No, because did you know I was gay or married?

They air what they want to air. There are no general rules.

Although now it makes sense. Why are we so surprised? There must have been a sun flare or something, our gaydar was off. She doesn’t mention anything in her MySpace profile. We’re thrilled she’s happily married, however, and wish the lovely couple all the best. We are dying to find out more about her other half: Fem-bot? Uber-dyke? Who would Zulema marry?

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