Zuma’s Anti-Gay Remarks?


Yesterday in QueerFeed, we had a piece on former South African vice-president, Jacob Zuma (pictured) had called gays “a disgrace to the nation and to God.” Well, apparently it was all a big misunderstanding!

Zuma said today:

My remarks were made in the context of the traditional way of raising children…I said the communal upbringing of children in the past was able to assist parents to notice children with a different social orientation. I however did not intend to have this interpreted as a condemnation of gays and lesbians.

This from a man who left his post embroiled in a scandal and was accused of rape? (In all fairness, he was acquitted of the rape charges, which involved unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman.) Okay…

Too bad he’s popular enough to win the election in 2009.

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