A Drag Race Christmas: Phi Phi O’Hara

GayCities New York Editor Jeffrey James Keyes snuck under the mistletoe with the contestants on the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race for a closer look at some of their favorite things.


Phi Phi O’Hara

Boy Name
Jaremi Carey

I live in Chicago, IL

Favorite Place on Earth: New York City! I am planning on moving there soon and every time I visit I feel like I am in a movie, the city just makes me happy with all the art, culture, fashion, and the FOOD! 😉

Favorite Bar/Club:
 Ahhhhh Just one!? I would have to say my favorite Bar would be Spin! Not only were they the first bar to give me my break here in Chicago, but they really respect the art of drag and value their employees.  PLUS Everyone know if they want great drag and a place to meet all your celebrities and Drag Race girls that Spin is where it is!

Tell us what is it about your drag persona that helped you make the cut:
  I think that fact that I am such a hard worker and don’t take negativity from anyone helped me stand out.  I can dance, sew, sing, make hair, do make-up, act….you name it I can do it, which will really throw a wrench in some of the girls plans that struggle at some of these tasks.  I constantly try to change my look with everything I do so that way people will recognize me as a diverse queen.  One look can’t describe Phi Phi O’hara…except PHIERCE! 🙂

Now that you are on the verge of stardom, where will you finish your holiday shopping?
Well I have a lot of people to shop for, and I am always visiting NYC so I am planning on shopping there for everything….and with as many of the boutiques and street merchants there are there I am bound to find something unique!

Where will you be for New Year’s Eve?
I am booked at Stonewall in Lyons, IL. I am excited to work with a lot of new faces and work with my really great friend who manages that bar! For me spending holidays like this with your closest friends makes the event that much more memorable for me!

Why will you win RuPaul’s Drag Race?
Did you see the promo!?!? I AM PHIERCE! Hahaha

Photo Credit: Mathu Andersen