A Trip Down Jack Mackenroth Memory Lane


Jack Mackenroth wasn’t always a lovable contestant on Project Runway and AIDS activist. Once upon a time — 1993, to be precise — he was a fashion model in a little (just shuttered) magazine called Genre. It was the publication’s 12th issue and Jack says he “recall[s] the shoot like it was yesterday.”

Says Jack: “It was shot with a 2 dollar budget and it was one of my first modeling jobs. Back then models were reticent about appearing in a gay magazine. Oh the horror!! The photos are so quintessentially 90’s. My hair is a human atrocity. And the clothes. GOD. Oh well. Not a good fashion moment for me or the world but I still look pretty good now considering that was 16 years ago. Work the Calvin Klein linen honey!”


And this was that issue’s cover.

[Jack Mackenroth]

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