AFA: Must Boycott TV

book of daniel quinn

Yawn. Another week, another gay-related boycott from The American Family Association. This time they’re turning their love and attention to NBC and the new dramatic series The Book of Daniel. The show is about a druggie Priest and his family who seem to have so many more problems than those ultra-dysfunctional Fishers on Six feet Under.

We learn the AFA office is in desperate need of a thesaurus:

The writer for the series is a practicing homosexual.

The homosexual son will be network prime-time’s only regular male homosexual character in a drama series.

They always seem to go out of their way in calling queers “homosexuals” instead of “gay.” But they know a thing or two about pandering to their right wing supporters with effective buzzwords. After all, this is the same organization that changed its name from the bitchy-sounding Federation of Decency to the warm and fuzziness of the American Family Association.

Oh and The Book of Daniel? We’ll be watching.

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