Elton John AIDS Foundation Takes On Nepalese Politicos

“Appalling.” That’s but one of the adjectives employed by The Elton John AIDS Foundation in addressing Nepalese government officials’ move to curb the non-profit’s good will.

Nepalese health officials attempted to dissuade the Blue Diamond Society’s AIDS outreach program in Dhangadi, telling the activists to “find something better to do”. Health official Krishna Bhattha went so far as to “conclude,” “the anus doesn’t have any sexual tissues, that’s why there is no chance of HIV/AIDS transmission”. Tell that to millions of gay men, Bhattha.

Upon hearing the news, Elton John AIDS Foundation threw even more support behind the gay activists. Foundation honcho Robert Key issued this chilly statement,

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is extremely proud to support the Blue Diamond Society and the HIV/Aids work that they are undertaking in Nepal. Men who have sex with men, transgender communities and other sexual minorities are made far more vulnerable to HIV infection when they are forced to live their lives in secret by a society that denies or condemns their existence.

Key went on to inform the government that it’s in their best interest to cooperate with BDS lest they lose their citizens to the ravages of AIDS:

The government of Nepal should be working with NGOs like Blue Diamond who reach out to vulnerable communities particularly in areas like the Far Western Development Region with high HIV/Aids prevalence levels and limited government treatment and care services… We call upon the government of Nepal to show leadership in promoting the rights of all its citizens under the UN covenants on Human Rights – to which Nepal is a signatory, including sensitising its regional officials, particularly those involved in responding to the HIV/Aids epidemic to the needs and rights of sexual minority groups.

The Nepalese government better listen. We hear Elton John has a short fuse. And if there’s one queen you don’t want to cross, it’s Elton John.