This grandfather updating his grandson’s family picture post-transition is just too wholesome

20-year-old Nico Cazorla has recently been documenting his transition on TikTok, and one of the latest updates is too heartwarming for words.

Last week, Cazorla uploaded a video from his visit back home to Spain. In it, his grandfather asks for a new picture to frame and replace the previous one on his family picture mantle.

The whole scene is the definition of adorable:

@nicolascazorlaaa he is the only one who has never messed up ♥️ #ftm #trans #topsurgery #hethey #🏳️‍⚧️ #transandproud ♬ Entre Dos Aguas – Remastered 2014 – Paco de Lucía

The video has since been viewed over 1.2 million times.

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This isn’t the first of Cazorla’s videos to garner attention; he told Newsweek that he started posting his transition more because his community was taking notice.

“A video of me acting dumb in the hospital with my dad went viral,” he recalls. “I realized that a lot of people in the trans community wanted to see more about what surgery entails, so I continued to post and every video I posted started blowing up.”

This is the first of his transition videos to feature his grandparents, and he says their inclusion in his online story was intentional.

“I posted this one specifically because a lot of trans youth are scared about what their family members will think or do when they come out,” he explains. “I was certainly worried about that too. I posted the video to show that it isn’t a generational issue—that being old isn’t an excuse to be unsupportive of family you are supposed to love.”

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In fact, Cazorla’s caption on the video refers to his grandfather as “the only one who has never messed up.”

“It’s reasonable that people mess up your pronouns or accidentally deadname you when you come out, but he didn’t have any issue. He has never flinched once. As an older person he is setting an example for the rest of the world. It means a lot to me.”

Even more touchingly, his grandfather is keeping memory of the change alive for Cazorla’s grandmother too.

“He also writes notes with my name all over the house so that my grandma with Alzheimer’s is reminded for when she forgets,” he says.

“They are both so supportive, and I am very lucky to have them both in my life.”

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