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The iconic untold ballroom history behind that viral table tossing video

A large Black woman holds up a long banquet table at a ball with bystanders in the background.
Screenshot via WorldStarHipHop

Nearly ten years ago, a video of a mass furniture-flying altercation made its way around the internet like wildfire. YouTube, Facebook, WorldStar, even Comedy Central clipshow Tosh.0—folks were obsessed with this all-out brawl.

Moreover, people were living for the woman at the center of it. This woman, in a legendary move, threw a full banquet table into a crowd before catching a flying chair with her bare hands and deflecting another with her handbag. The Avengers had nothing on her.

Most media outlets writing about the incident cited the event this all took place at as a “fashion show,” totally missing the historic LGBTQ+ ballroom context and the identities of any people involved. People in the scene know the real story.

A recent tweet from popular Miami designer Adonis Dfetty unlocked a huge part of the lore behind it all:

The replies to the tweet from both Dfetty and others reveal even more: The woman at the center of it all was Candice Revlon, part of the House of Revlon, a member of which allegedly threw a bottle after another house member of theirs was chopped. In response, OP—as part of the House of Ebony—threw a chair back, sparking one of the most viral moments of that year.

This altercation came out of the 2013 North Carolina Awards Aftermath Ball. The ball was initially going to plan, with performers going head to head for titles and prizes.

Videos posted to the Ballroom Throwbacks Television channel on YouTube show categories going off without a hitch, like this butch queen vogue fem battle:

However, as we know, things took a turn for the chaotic as the night went on.

The original video was taken and submitted to WorldStarHipHop by the legendary Kelly Mizrahi. Her video kicks off with the starring table toss, but goes on for a full five minutes.

This director’s cut gives even more dimension to the moment it all went down:

The viral clip is seeing a resurgence due to it being compared to a different chair-catching clip that’s currently blowing up, this time from a Waffle House employee. While that video is impressive (and should serve as a Waffle House advertisement), nothing can outdo the original.

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