Jesse Moss does a gay deep dive into American politics with 'Mayor Pete'

November 12, 2021
Jesse Moss wants to be in the room when something happens. He wants his audience there with him too.

The California-born filmmaker first gained attention for his documentary 'Con Man' about an imposter who cons his way into Princeton University. He followed up with 'Full Battle Rattle,' a movie about soldiers training for Iraq and 'The Overnighters,' a story about a Lutheran minister in North Dakota who allows homeless men to live in his church. Viewers often comment on Moss' fly on the wall approach to filmmaking; the director often serves as his own cameraman and crew, shooting footage as a lone figure in the room. That minimalistic approach also allows him incredible access to intimate situations.

Now Moss repeats that feat in his latest film, 'Mayor Pete.' The movie debuts on Amazon Prime Video November 12.

'Mayor Pete' follows Mayor Pete Buttigieg from his decision to run for president, all the way through Election 2020. Moss' access offers a rare, stark look at the grittiness of American politics as Buttiegig sets off across the United States shaking hands and making a name for himself as the politician of the future…and survives near-constant homophobic harassment along the way.

We snagged time to chat with Moss just ahead of the film's release. 'Mayor Pete' debuts on Amazon Prime Video November 12.

Video Editor: David Beerman.