New Orleans: Louisiana Gumbo - Out in GayCities Season 4 Ep1 | Feat. Max Emerson & Kyle Krieger

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When it comes to seriously delicious food, not many cities can hold a candle to New Orleans. This lively southern city is a multicultural melting pot of flavors, and no food better exemplifies this diversity than gumbo. Combining French, Spanish, German, West African, and Choctaw ingredients and culinary practices, gumbo truly gives you a taste of Louisiana's history.

In the season four premiere episode of Out in GayCities, Instagram "gaylebrities" Max Emerson and Kyle Krieger take on New Orleans to discover just what it takes to make a real Louisiana gumbo. The catch? They must face off against two New Orleans natives in an attempt to make the perfect roux (the base of any great gumbo) while blindfolded!

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