Cooper Koch says friends warned him about doing this explicit body horror movie

February 17, 2023
Is there a new scream queen in Hollywood?

Rising queer star Cooper Koch had a memorable turn in last summer's LGBTQ+ slasher, 'They/Them,' and now he stars in the horror movie 'Swallowed'—his first feature lead role.

From director Carter Smith, 'Swallowed' is a gnarly new addition to the body horror genre, with Koch playing a young man named Benjamin who's about to move to LA to pursue a career as an adult film performer, but becomes a reluctant mule for a sinister drug—that just might be alive.

Koch is committed and believable in the surprising role, which asks a lot of him—including multiple nude scenes—so much so that the actor says many people in his life cautioned him about taking the part.

But, in 'Swallowed,' Koch saw an opportunity to push himself to new places, not to mention the opportunity to work with the legendary Mark Patton, who starred in 1985's notoriously gay horror sequel, 'A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.'

In Patton, Koch saw something of a kindred spirit, and, in comparing their careers, was able to realize just how far the industry has come for queer representation.

Koch talks about 'Swallowed'—which is available now on digital/VOD platforms—and so much more in the latest Queerty Interview.

Video edited by Terence Krey.